Talk to Me … ♥

So, I’ve been peer pressured into creating a guestbook.

… Actually, not really. It was one comment. But that classifies enough as peer pressure, OKAY?  XD (HELLO NANSHI. I’M LOOKING AT YOU.)

Anyhow, here’s your place to scream, shout, fangirl excessively, whatever. Do keep the swearage to a minimum please, because nobody wants to see F*CK THAT SH*T written all over this page. Leastwise, my virgin eyes (XDDD) don’t.

And if you REALLY can’t think of anything to say, tell me bout your day … using the least number of words possible. Really, I’m interested. 🙂

And if you STILL can’t think of anything to say, we can always talk about my suckage in the kitchen. *hands you burnt banana bread*



  1. Wow am I the first here?!?! WOOOT WOOOTT I’m special XDDDDD

    Anyways, Candychu said its your bday so I thought I would drop by and say HAPPY BDAY!!! Hope you get heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps of love and presents on your special day XDD Oh and lets go rock the world with our awesomeness….GIRL POWER!!!!! hahaha Im so random…*hugs*

  2. BECKS

    YEAH, you’re the first one here! Yay, my first commenter. ❤

    Awwww, thanks SO much for the birthday wishes; your comment seriously put a smile on my face. A much needed smile. ❤

    And yes, let’s take over the world with our awesomeness+coolness ALL IN ONE. GIRLPOWER FTW … !

    *BEAR hugs you*

  3. Thanks for the review! We enjoyed reading it. Could you contact us at popseoul@gmail.com? Thanks

  4. hey playmeagain, i should say it was an honour to have your first comment. haha. just wanted to say this was a nice read and you should catch “Fated to Love You” if you haven’t already seen it 😀

  5. Popseoul!

    Will do!


    Haha, Sung Yuri was tooooo pretty not to comment on. No probs – the review was loads of fun to write! And YES, I’ve seen some of “Fated to Love You” (not all though, cos Ethan’s face was starting to annoy me at some point), but I deffffff plan on finishing it soon! And the last episode’s coming out soon, isn’t it? RIGHTEOUS.

  6. haha i thought you moderated away my comment. and i’m finally done with FTLY… it got to be a drag after awhile. like get together already!

    i know what you mean about Ethan… he is just so ‘stagnant’ with his facial expressions after a few episodes. haha, don’t know how else to put it.

  7. lollers. YOU LUCKY GAL! You have Popseoul AND Seoulbeats stalking you. I wish I had “known bloggers” stalking me. Alas, I just has the random million hits from all over the place. At least my friend at AF read it. even if it is anonymously. Anyways, I WANT TO READ YOUR LIVEJOURNAL! Not like I’m on there, but hey! Doesn’t hurt to try, ne? o0o speaking of which, I have to check up on PAS’ entries. Add me? I’m “oyasmui” on LJ.


    I’m a terrrrrrrrible person; I just got your message, like, now. Which is why I haven’t replied yet. Til now.

    Yeah, well, I don’t update enough for them to be stalking me. Though, I’m thinking, I should probably update soon, because it’s actually been an age and a half since I last said I was going to write that post on Okada Masaki.

    Yoooo man, you’re pretty popular yourself. I mean, people have actually stopped reading my blog because I’m absolute bollocks at updating. But, once the craziness of school dies down, I’ll probably get right back into blogging with a vigour. 🙂

    I’ll def add you! <333333333333333333333333

  9. pinkranger!

    Yeah, he always seem to have the same expression on his face. Granted, maybe his character asks for that, but SERIOUSLY, at least put some effort into your facial expressions.

    Hope your days have been going well! And I’m sorry I’m replying soooo late. ❤


    *sulks in corner*

    • Awwww, bb! It’s okayyyyyy – you’re special enough to be one of my contacts on msn and one of my facebook friends. SO, this page is SO irrelevant, since you’re only an im/fb msg away. <333333

  11. does anyone know the lyrics to misako unos end of this way song i cant find them anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

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