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Press Delete. ♥

July 3, 2008

I deleted a couple DBSK songs off my iPod early today.

… My, was it ever liberating.

I honestly tried deleting more, but I’ve too deep an attachment to the others. *flails* And the funny thing is, I haven’t truly listened to a DBSK songs in about two-three weeks, so, really, why exactly are they still on my iPod, eating up space?

And then I soothed myself by downloading some Ajoo, who hasn’t improved by much since his debut, but whose voice, I’ll admit, no longer gets on my nerves. And yes, I’ll agree with a Youtube user that he no longer sounds like a 13-year-old on helium gas. However, he still doesn’t sound like an 18-year-old with 7 years of voice training.

Will reply to comments AND post up my prom pics when I get the chance, because as of right now, I’ve got the mother of all colds. IN THE SUMMER. (And yes, Beckery, you = friend ♥).

And because I love you all so much, and because my girlcrushing is at its optimum when it comes to Younha, I give you Younha’s Delete. Click. (And please, boys and girls, let’s not direct link, mmkay?)

IT IS SUCH A GOOD SONG, IS IT NOT? Well, yes, it’s poppy, but HOMG, DOES HER VOICE NOT DEMAND TO BE HEAPED WITH PRAISE?! LSM, you fail so bad when it comes to choosing your star celebs.

… Well, that’s not true, because you’re the ultimate win when it comes to DBSK, and Suju, and CSJH, and SHINee.

FINE, you fail a great deal at promoting then.

… Except, some would consider SHINee to be the smartest thing you’ve ever done when it comes to marketing+pr.

HOMG, you’re actually GOOD at what you do. Now, if only you could PROMOTE CSJH MORE, YOU FOOL.


So We Talked All Night About the Rest of Our Lives … ♥

June 25, 2008


And on a side note, I read the best quote of my life earlier today.  

“No rule, of course, against younger boyfriends, but still. Fourteen?

An hour later, when I heard the TV go off downstairs and heard Mom climb the stairs and walk to her room, I was still sitting in the chair and staring at the bed.


As spoken by the eighteen-year-old protagonist of the novel “Just Like That” by Marsha Qualey and totally mirroring my thoughts regarding SHINee (roflmao). Fantastic read … if you’re into teen reads.

… And yes, I do happen to have a very sad life.


P.S. Will reply to comments eventually! Prom Friday! Tres excited. :):):) I’ll post prom pics up, but it WILL be a protected post because I’m VERY paronoid about Internet stalkers. Sorry to all my silent readers, but you’ll have to write some long extended comment explaining WHO you are, WHY you like/read my blog and WHY I should let you view peektures of me.


Randomosity At Its Best.

June 13, 2008

Credits go to greevedsouls @ Youtube

Seriously, this song is so bloody addictive. It’s been on repeat in my head since … last Thursday, regardless of the fact that the guys singing this song are in their mid to late thirties and regardless of the fact that the individual who appears to be the head honcho of the group is Mark Wahlberg’s brother. Yes, Mark Wahlberg’s brother.

And oh yes, this group was extremely popular in the 80s/90s, with this song marking their comeback.

… I’m attracted to bloody thirty-year-olds. *headdesk*

By the way, if you’re in LOVE with Korean fashion (which I unduly am), do visit this site. The photographs are fantastic, the fashion is happening and the commentary is chock-full of interesting facts and observations. I actually spend eons on this site, because I love it so much and because the pictures are so … nice. *drools* ♥


DBSK’s Horizon Dance. ♥

May 26, 2008

Credit: Mickytoho @ Youtube (I LOVE this girl; she uploads so much great and fun-to-watch DBSK-related goodies with an emphasis (of course!) on Micky. Plus, she translates and subs too, which deserves an ILUSMPLZMARRYME plea! XDD Do drop by and subscribe to her/drop her a line of thanks!)   

ROFLMAO. Nuff said.

Anyhow, I sense a new dance wave coming over Korea, as I imagine Casseiopeans make up more than half the population of Korea and as a result, will gleefully dance like so everywhere, because they want to be just like their oppas. *heaves a massive sigh* 

Although I love my Dong Bang boys, this dance is so =.=”””” and headbanging-inducing. And do the boys not look like the biggest dorks while moving from side to side? Yes, yes they do. But I love me some dorks, so BRING ON THE DORKY MOVES, I say.

Anyhow, I’ve read somewhere that this is a dance routine found solely during the group’s dance rehearsals/practices, which fills me with great joy, because just look at the head-swinging and the butt-waving and their legs moving from side to side and Jae failing in the back (he’s not obviously failing or anything to that extent, but he always seems … a little slower than the rest). ILUSM JAEJOONG.    

If you can’t watch the video, I’ll try to recap, but do keep in mind that I’m COMPLETELY fail at dancing and that I can’t describe to save my life. 

Anyhow, the vid starts off with the boys talking, and at 00:45, Changmin slowly and reluctantly gets up to demonstrate a certain ingenious dance move (invented by the one and only Monkey boy Micky Yoochun) the Dong Bang boys have been practicing during their rehearsals. And so, at 00:49, the MADNESS BEGINS! 

To imitate, begin by standing up straight with your legs together and your arms spread out and parallel to the ground. Then, when the music begins, leave one leg vertical (say, your left) and kick the other leg (your right) out to the right (so that it’s diagonal). Immediately after, bring your right leg back so that it’s vertical, and kick your left leg out to the left. Meanwhile, swing your head from side to side, so that you’re always facing the same direction as the leg being kicked out to the side. To perfect this move, ensure your arms are always spread out to your sides and left parallel to the ground, and ensure that you’re knees are bent, so as to allow for maximum butt-twisting.

You got that?

Excellent. You’re now ready to dance the night away, record yourselves and upload your vids onto Youtube and other video-hosting sites so as to contribute to the new dance movement that this is bound to start up.

And all I can say to that is … DORKS FTW, YO.



May 22, 2008

Heyyyy lovelies!

I’ve decided that I really need a break from fandom.

A long break.

A while back, I wrote of my fears of being too deep into fandom. No joke, fandom literally sucks you in, and once you’re in, you’re probably never getting back out. And I’ve reached the point where I’m no longer rational enough to consider myself a fan.

It SUCKS to cross the line from being a fan to being a fanatic. Honestly, you’re constantly feeling disgusted with yourself, and it’s a completely gross feeling.

I never actually thought that I’d reach the point where rumours would actually affect me. I should’ve known that it’d happen eventually, because when I’m into something, I’m really into it, and I put my entire heart, mind, body and soul into it.

It’s unfortunate, but I’m planning to just swing with it. I’ll focus on preparing myself for uni in the fall and focus on getting a job. And hopefully, I’ll be back before long! *fingers crossed* 

And don’t worry, I probably won’t completely disappear from fandom. You’ll get random comments from me from time to time. And maybe the 50 odd posts or so in the next few months.

Anyhow, thanks for reading! Your funny search terms and whatnot have definitely brought me great pleasure – *Bear hugs the person who tried to look for “yamapi teeth”*

P.S. PASee and CANDee, you’ll still get massively long emails from me, of course, because I’ll FINALLY HAVE TIME TO WRITE THEM and because ILUSM. *rejoices*


*GASP* How could I forget?!??! Before I disappear, I present you with the following gifs/pics under the cut and taken from here.

Read the rest of this entry ?


My Dad … should stick to his current career.

May 22, 2008

My dad’s singing in the shower.

Either he’s ridiculously good at projecting, or our washroom has very thin walls.

He’s also singing in chinese. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s EVEN chinese.

And I think he’s trying to imitate the old chinese singers he’s always fanboy-ed over. You know, the ones who sing with the excessive vibrations in their voices (similar to Korean “trot”), which are actually quite soothing once you get past their voices.


… Oh good, he’s stopped. XD


… Hot damn, he’s started up again. Actually, now he sounds like he’s gargling mouthwash.


*Bangs head against wall*


Heechul ♥ Yunho.

May 21, 2008
ALL CREDITS GO TO COOLSMURF. Link to his post found HERE.

U-Know Yunho and Kim Hee Chul mistaken as couple

DBSK leader U-Know Yunho revealed recently that he broke up with his girlfriend because of Kim Hee Chul from Super Junior.

In a recent episode of SBS “Star Show” program, U-Know revealed that he had a girlfriend during his trainee days. But he proceeded by saying, “But because of Hee Chul hyung, we had a misunderstanding and eventually parted.”

“There was once when my girlfriend spotted me and Kim Hee Chul at a coffee joint and thought that I was cheating on her. Things just got from bad to worse and we eventually broke up.”

Yunho explained further, “Hee Chul hyung had long hair at that time and when I am always with him, he would always wear a pink jacket. I tried to explain many times that it was Hee Chul hyung, but she didn’t believe me and we parted.”


As usual, this cracked-up catlover never fails to make me laugh.

And what’s even funnier is that this situation is SO PLAUSIBLE. XDDDDD

… I must do a pimp post on Heechul one day. Except, just one pimp post most definitely won’t be enough. This boy requires CONSTANT PIMPAGE.