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This is quite a pointless post. XD

March 14, 2008

Aish. School starts in two days, and I’m slightly apprehensive for its start, as I’ve yet to finish craploads of homework.


I’m such a procrastinator, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to reform myself, which is rather unfortunate, as I want to be the head of some multicorporation one day.


But yes, the stress factor has totally gone up here. Actually, it’s jumped so high that the fire alarm will soon be set off by my spontaneously combusting, which in turn, will totally melt the harddrive of my already-busted computer (which, after one year of use, has not yet been attacked by a virus. Thank you, thank you, I’m amazing. XD).

Anyway, moving on to happier subjects. XD

As all four of my readers may have noticed, I’ve changed my layout … !!!! (Thanks candychu for your very nice comment. You’re an absolute darling. :)) For the record, I’ve no clue what I did, really. I used to change my livejournal layouts like a chameleon changes colour and like a snake sheds skin, so I figured it was time I jazzed things up with the appearance of my wordpress blog, which, btw, was totally boring me to death. And yes, the image header is most definitely from the lovely j-drama, Nobuta wo Produce, which I’ve been shamelessly promoting on everyone else’s blog, but my own. I’m really quite unashamed though – it must be the 10% asian in me and the 90% something else. (I haven’t quite decided where I belong. XD YAH, it’s all in my journey to self-actualization.)

And, woot, my seeds have begun germinating! This won’t mean anything to you if you’re not in my biology class, and I may seem like a freak right now, but I DON’T CARE, because my radish seeds are finally germinating! Hehe, I’m slightly impatient, as you may have noticed. XD  And I use “XD” a ridiculous amount. But, like I said, it’s all contributing to my goal of becoming self-actualized.  

Yes, anyhow, like I’ve aforementioned, this post is completely pointless, and only being written because I’ve nothing better to do (besides the four lab writeups, the some 100 ecology questions, the 11 English passages to analyze that I’ve on my list of things-to-do, but somehow, this is more exciting. I wonder why … ?), but I shall leave you with this gem (because I evidently don’t promote Youtube enough on this blog. XD).

Skip the following section if you’d like to save your eyes:




Yes, ahem, fangirly moment over. I shall attempt to grab a hold of myself. 😉

But, anyway, I’ve never really seen Junsu as being eye-candy. XD (Please contain yourselves. I will start praising him soon, I promise.) He’s always been, I’m sorry, the least good-looking out of all the members, concerning my personal preferences and what *I* personally look for in a guy celebrity. Which sounds like a terribly shallow thing to say, but I will get to the good stuff.

That is not to say that he isn’t adorable. What he doesn’t have in looks, he definitely makes up for in personality. Out of all the members, I find that he has the most dynamic personality, the most welcoming grin, and is probably the most appealing member after Jaejoong, but that’s because Jaejoong was the first member I was ever attracted to, so I’m incredibly biased. He’s completely date-able and from what I see on-camera (as if I’d ever be able to see him off-camera XD), he’d be perfect boyfriend material (or best friend material. I’ll take either!). Plus, can you even begin to imagine Junsu SERENADING to you?! That completely blows my mind (not only because it’ll never happen to me XDDD), but because it’d be oh-so-perfect (like dipping into a vat of delicious cream XD) and would be a possible scenario concerning my much-tooo-early demise. (Dude, I’d drop dead just seeing him in the flesh. Gah!).

But yes, it’s quite endearing seeing him wake up. Although it feels slightly like an invasion of privacy XDDDD, it’s nice seeing him act (somewhat) like a normal person, one evidently exhausted by his work – to the point where he grabs a couple winks here and there, no matter what position he’s in. Of course, immediately after noticing the camera, it was evident that he put on his on-camera personality again, but still, it was nice seeing the somewhat real, albeit asleep, Xiah Junsu. And he was mucho adorable (so adorable, I think my heart stopped beating for a couple secs) when he was just sitting there, blinking and (Thank God!) not noticing the camera a foot away from his face. XDDD

For now, I’m simply going to state that my attraction to Junsu has grown slightly a whole lot stronger after seeing one clip of him waking up. But, really, as a fan, it’s nice to see this evidently, quite real side of him. Now, personally, he doesn’t seem so removed from the rest of society, but truly seems like a real, living, breathing human being (and not some mindless robot following LSM’s orders).

Nonetheless, although I’m aware that tis the life of  a celebrity and his camera-man, I still feel like I’m intruding on his privacy by watching this clip. I mean, the poor boy evidently wanted a nap, and I dunno about you, but I definitely can’t sleep if a camera’s trained on me. Actually, just last weekend at my church’s sleepover, as I was dropping off to sleep, I felt something staring at me, and when I opened my eyes, there was my friend’s FLESLFHLHF camera lens right in my face. It was slightly disturbing (wow! My one minute of fame. XD), and resulted in a really awkward moment between my friend and I, which was quickly overcome by my consenting to having my unattractive picture taken. Still, from that one incident, I feel (or maybe I’m deluding myself into feeling) like I can identify with not just Junsu’s, but any celebrity’s, inhibition and lack of privacy. I’m completely aware that this is what celebrities and public figures have to put up with, but to not even be able to take a private nap without a camera totally in your face is just wrong in my reality. That said, I realize how completely hypocritical I’m being in publicizing this clip on my blog. But, really, I’ve provided both sides to some sort of argument (I really, actually, don’t know what or why I’m even arguing. XD), and this clip is honestly going to be publicized, no matter what I write.

But, Mr. Junsu, you really are quite ze cutie.