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DBSK’s Horizon Dance. ♥

May 26, 2008

Credit: Mickytoho @ Youtube (I LOVE this girl; she uploads so much great and fun-to-watch DBSK-related goodies with an emphasis (of course!) on Micky. Plus, she translates and subs too, which deserves an ILUSMPLZMARRYME plea! XDD Do drop by and subscribe to her/drop her a line of thanks!)   

ROFLMAO. Nuff said.

Anyhow, I sense a new dance wave coming over Korea, as I imagine Casseiopeans make up more than half the population of Korea and as a result, will gleefully dance like so everywhere, because they want to be just like their oppas. *heaves a massive sigh* 

Although I love my Dong Bang boys, this dance is so =.=”””” and headbanging-inducing. And do the boys not look like the biggest dorks while moving from side to side? Yes, yes they do. But I love me some dorks, so BRING ON THE DORKY MOVES, I say.

Anyhow, I’ve read somewhere that this is a dance routine found solely during the group’s dance rehearsals/practices, which fills me with great joy, because just look at the head-swinging and the butt-waving and their legs moving from side to side and Jae failing in the back (he’s not obviously failing or anything to that extent, but he always seems … a little slower than the rest). ILUSM JAEJOONG.    

If you can’t watch the video, I’ll try to recap, but do keep in mind that I’m COMPLETELY fail at dancing and that I can’t describe to save my life. 

Anyhow, the vid starts off with the boys talking, and at 00:45, Changmin slowly and reluctantly gets up to demonstrate a certain ingenious dance move (invented by the one and only Monkey boy Micky Yoochun) the Dong Bang boys have been practicing during their rehearsals. And so, at 00:49, the MADNESS BEGINS! 

To imitate, begin by standing up straight with your legs together and your arms spread out and parallel to the ground. Then, when the music begins, leave one leg vertical (say, your left) and kick the other leg (your right) out to the right (so that it’s diagonal). Immediately after, bring your right leg back so that it’s vertical, and kick your left leg out to the left. Meanwhile, swing your head from side to side, so that you’re always facing the same direction as the leg being kicked out to the side. To perfect this move, ensure your arms are always spread out to your sides and left parallel to the ground, and ensure that you’re knees are bent, so as to allow for maximum butt-twisting.

You got that?

Excellent. You’re now ready to dance the night away, record yourselves and upload your vids onto Youtube and other video-hosting sites so as to contribute to the new dance movement that this is bound to start up.

And all I can say to that is … DORKS FTW, YO.


To Make the Magic Last More Than Just One Night … ♥

May 9, 2008

[Credits go to Encomion @ Youtube] ♥

Have you ever heard Changmin sing in English?! Because, he’s got undeniably GREAT pronunciation. I actually understood more than 95% of his song, which I’m not used to at all when it comes to DBSK.  

And yes, while his English is commendable and while I will definitely worship it later on in this post, I’d first like to draw your attention to the fact that Changmin is singing at a low pitch. This proves it – he doesn’t have to sing those high, pitchy notes all the time. Actually, I’m probably in the minority when it comes to praising Changmin’s high notes – I can’t stand them at times, while others LOVE them and I’m sure, put all his songs on repeat. Yeah, his premium solo, a.k.a Wild Soul? It’s been deleted off my iPod, because I can’t stand all the pitchy screaming and ear-destroying vocals. Come to think of it, I think I only listened to it once before condemning it to purgatory, otherwise known as the “Let’s avoid this music but keep it anyway for the sake of having it on my harddrive” folder. I’m so supportive of him. ^^

But yes, the huskiness and fullness of his voice is really quite appealing. And I love the emotional depth of his voice – even if I had no clue who was singing at all, I’d be mightily impressed by the bitterness evident in his voice. Most of all though, I’m incredibly impressed by his extensive range. We KNOW this boy has the ability to sing really high – in fact, Jae’s mentioned that he’s the only one who can reach all the notes on “Wild Soul”; the others are incapable of singing such high notes with the same level of broadness and depth as their low notes. While I won’t deny that Changmin’s high notes aren’t easy to listen to, it awes me that he can even make NOISES at that high of a pitch, and to be able to sing full verses that high with literally the same amount of fullness as his lower notes is commendable, and really worthy of my praise.

Additionally, his English is AMAZING, and I really can’t get over how understandable this song is. Actually, I’m a massive massive massive fan of K-pop, so it doesn’t bother me when I can’t understand the lyrics to a song; my only beef is when the song’s in ENGLISH and I can hardly understand due to pronunciation issues. Whereas I don’t care too much for Korean lyrics or romanizations, English lyrics are very important to me, and I like being able to understand them AND sing along with them. But yes, his pronunciation is blardy fantastic, and even those hard-to-pronounce words such as “through” (even the multitalented CJSH hasn’t quite been able to pronounce this word the way it’s supposed to be pronounced, as evidenced by their version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”), he manages to mask any mispronunciation with the thickness and huskiness of his voice. 

Actually, I find that it’s best to have a huskier voice when singing in another language, due to its ability to disguise any pronunciation mishaps. Various artists like BoA and Uno Misako have very clear, articulate voices, and as a result, it’s really quite easy to be very critical of their English/Engrish. The same goes for Jae, whose sometimes nasally voice, but ALWAYS ridiculously clear and articulate, makes it really easy for me to find faults and describe them in great detail. On the flip side, Koda Kumi has a really great, strong, husky voice, so the majority of her mispronunciations aren’t as noticeable.

Just Once is attributed to both Quincy Jones and James Ingram. I’m actually not too sure who owns the song, but check out Ingram’s 1981 performance of it here. Although Changmin’s version is not of the same calibre, due to language issues and overall, the lack of experience, I’d have to say he held his own and did relatively well.  

What do you think?

Just Once (lyrics taken from here)

I did my best
But i guess my best wasn’t good enough
‘Cause here we are back where we were before
Seems nothing ever changes
We’re back to being strangers
Wond’ring if we ought to stay or head on out the door

Just once
Can we figure out
What we keep doin’ wrong?
Why we never last for very long
What are we doing wrong?

Just once
Can’t we find a way to fin’lly make it right?
To make the magic last for more than just one night
If we could just get to it
I know we could break thru it

I gave my all
But I think my all may have been too much
‘Cause Lord knows
We’re not getting anywhere
Seems we’re always blowin’
Whatever we’ve got going
And it seems at times with all we’ve got
We haven’t got a prayer

Just Once
Can’t we figure out what we keep doin’ wrong?
Why the good times never last for long?
Where are we going wrong?

Just once
Can’t we find a way to fin’lly make it right?
To make the magic last more than just one night
I know we could break thru’ it
If we could just get to it
Just Once
Ooh.. We can get to it..
Just Once…


Jaejoong – the Mother Duck ♥ Junsu – the GOOD Christian Boy

May 5, 2008

[Credits go to: saccherina @ Youtube] ♥

EDIT: Eng subs to the praying video can be found here. AND GO SUBSCRIBE TO shinyflowers; she’s uploaded loads of DBSK goodies!

Erm, I fail at life. I’ve broken my hiatus already. =.= ””

But yes, the above video was too cute not to share. Jaejoong’s such a mother; it makes me ashamed of myself, as I can already imagine the sufferings, the torture, the PAIN my future children will go through. XD

And be sure to pause the video at 2:50 … !!! DO YOU NOT NOTICE JUNSU PRAYING?! ZOMG, THAT MAKES MY DAY.

Christian boys FTW, yo!




Anycall Haptic CFs!

May 1, 2008



ZOMG, I love these. They’re ridiculously adorable, and I’m a shipper for all things cute, so … I’m all for these three couples.

*gets bitten by rabid fangirls*

*gets strangled by candytrain*

*gets shot by the lovely girls at Shenyuepop forums*


I’ve realized that I haven’t yet complimented Micky at anything (oooh, except his Love in the Ice perf, which you should check out here, because his high note is absolutely breathtaking and heart attack-inducing. It’s lovely. <3), but ummm, he’s got terrible hair in the CFs. TERRIBLE HAIR. GO CUT IT NOW, MICKY YOOCHUN PARK.  

Okay, so thoughts on these vids:

30-second CF:

The music’s great. I’ll admit, it’s probably SNSD singing, but if you’re a regular reader of my blog, I’m actually a fan of some of them. They’re voices aren’t the strongest, per se, and they shake something awful during live performances, but the majority of the girls have got magnetic personalities (errr, Soo young, anybody?! XD), which is really appealing when your vocal talents aren’t stellar.

00:05 to 00:07 is GREAT. LOL, Yoona looked really really REALLY pissed off when Micky poked her cheek. Which I can totally identify with, since I’d probably knock him out if he ever did that to me. (Zomg, who am I even kidding?!?!? I’d have heart palpitations + a stroke if MICKY YOOCHUN FROM DBSK EVER POKED MY CHEEK. It’d be like heaven on earth. XD) But yes, out of all the couples, I think I’ll be shipping the Yoochun (XD You don’t even have to change Micky’s or Yoona’s names to combine the two) couple the strongest, because it’s a … plausible relationship. And I think Yoona’s cute, and I’d extol her more, if not for her face being frigging omniscient and you know, EVERYWHERE. Zomg.

The elevator scene was great. Actually, funnily enough, because I’m an odd person and totally don’t deserve to be a DBSK fan (XD), it was the largeness of the elevator that first caught my eye. Nope, not even the Dong Bang Boys were attractive enough to detract from my fascination with this elevator. I mean, LOOK AT HOW BIG IT IS … !!! The elevators I’m used to … aren’t exactly roomy, per se. Actually, they have the abilitiy to make someone claustrophobic, EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT CLAUSTROPHOBIC TO START WITH. How insane is THAT.

*Ahem* But yes, big elevators are great.

LOL at Yunho grabbing Changmin by the waist and Jaejoong becoming what looks like a hunched-over hermit when the elevator suddenly stops. Oh man, beating on these boys is amusing. XD (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THEM. I just prefer making fun of them rather than, idk, drooling over them. It’s my way of showing affection – kinda like the boys in elementary school who show their love by making fun of girls. x______x XD)

But I digress.

I’ve said it once, I’m gonna say it again. Yoochun and Yoona make a fantastic couple. Cute stuff.

Changmin and Jessica, on the other hand, aren’t two I would’ve put together in the first place, but for some odd, inexplicable reason, they work … ? (Candytrain, don’t hate me. Please. <3) I mean, I probably won’t ship them, because Jessica seems more like a SISTER or MUM to Changmin, but it’s cute. I love how one of their first scenes together has them looking at PICTURES OF JESSICA. Yay for narcissm. ❤ XD

OMG *BRAIN/HEART EXPLOSION* YOOCHUN PUT YOONA’S HAND TO HIS HEART (err, well, the general area of his heart. Actually your heart is found between the two lobes of your lungs, which makes it more central left, rather than the LEFT SIDE OF YOUR BODY, but the message is clear. XDDDD) … !!! She looks so awkward, I love it. Micky Yoochun, stop scaring people. Especially your lover. Not the way to go, boy.

I love seeing Yunho cook barbecue. It is SO attractive, mainly because I fail at all things involving spatulas, pots, pans, FOOD, brooms, dishes, mops, toilets. Yes, it’s terrible. I LOVE eating, but I can’t even make a proper meal without unintentionally poisoning the eater (err … consumer?), so it’s unfortunate. OMG, he wasn’t barbecuing! *bashes head against desk to rid self of blindness and insanity* I’m seriously LOL-ing hardcore at myself right now, because he was actually PLAYING A GAME WITH TIFFANY! XDDDD *flails arms because she fails at life*

But I digress.

Tiffany needs to stop saying “Awww, wooowww, awwww” and making odd noises. But she’s too pretty, so I can’t exactly hate her.

Errrm … she’s looking at a picture of Jae on her phone, right? OMG, SHE LOOKS SO CUTE SMILING AND WAVING AT THE CAMERA. AND OMG I’m doing a terrible job of disliking her. I wish I had a cellphone I could wave at. Unfortunately though, my family’s stuck in the technological Stone Age, which is terrible for my social life.

I love how, when we return to the elevator, MICKY’S NO LONGER THERE. XDDD He’s hiding in the far left corner of the elevator, but LOL, I actually forgot he was part of the commercial because I couldn’t see him. XDDD

Errrm, I don’t like Changmin’s elevator outfit. It makes his torso look really short, bringing back memories of Henry’s terrible Mario pants. *shudders*

Okay, the escalator … is so unneeded. I mean, WHY ARE THEY EVEN DANCING ON AN ESCALATOR?! This commercial is ridiculously jumpy and broken up.

JUNSU, I KINDA SORTA REALLY LOVE YOU AND YOUR CAMEOS. Seriously, he pops in out of NOWHERE with an umbrella (?) and points at something we, as the viewers, can’t see. And he looks like such a duck, especially with that hair. XD

Hmmm, do I sense awkward tension between Jae and Yunho at the end?! Oh, that is SO MUCH LOVE. Yay for drama in 30-second commericals! But yes, Jae gives killer evil stares – if looks could kill, someone in that elevator would be dead. Immediately. Burned to a crisp, or something of that extent.

I LOVE HOW THE COMMERCIAL ENDS. THOSE ARE GREAT MODEL POSES, YO. And I kind of want to jump into the screen and pose with Changmin because seriously, he’d make a kick-butt model.

15-Second CF:

LOL, from the first scene, I was rofl-ing like crazy.

Junsu makes another random appearance, where he’s seen waiting for the elevator with the oddest expression on his face (it channels one of those greasy gangsters who thinks he’s all that as he stands there picking on some poor individual who’s peed his pants. AND, he looks a bit like the man promoting Lifestyle condoms on those bus ads THAT I’M SUBJECTED TO EVERYDAY. It’s horrifying). Actually, at first, I thought he was waiting for his turn in the washroom, because I saw a sign with the faceless boy/girl on it (you know, the ones on the doors of the washrooms), but I TOTALLY MISSED THE ARROWS POINTING UP AND DOWN. I’m such a failure, it’s almost ridiculous.

Jae has really broad shoulders. And he looks excellent in plaid. I kinda want to take him home with me, plunk him in my bed and keep him there forever. AWAY FROM ALL THOSE CRAZY FANGIRLS. XD

GAH. FIJEARHFEFH Tiffany’s smile’s way too cute for her own good. I look like a fool when I smile, so imagine how envious I must be.

The answer is VERY.

I’m going to refrain from commenting on the let’s-show-them-on-the-verge-of-making-out-but-not- completely-making-out-because-we-want-to-keep-this-PG-and-refrain-from-aggravating-fangirls-and-fanboys-any-more-than-necessary-which-could-result-in-narsty-legal-situations-such-as-lawsuits-due-to-heart-attacks-and-strokes-brought-on-by-this-CF, because candytrain must be on the verge of collapsing. *pats her on the head and chucks Jessica out the window, because canned ice cream (XD) is obviously cooler and MUCH more compatible*  

Oh wow, another 1000+ post.



Choikang Changmin’s Dying Cats. ♥

March 11, 2008

Changmin = so much ♥ in this clip. I’ve never laughed SO HARD while watching a DBSK perf, just because they haven’t really given me reason to, but Changming, you complete me. Seriously.

That boy is pure gold at improvising and throwing random noises out just for kicks. And he definitely sounded like a (or a multitude) of dying cat(s). Actually, I think dying cats would’ve been more pleasing to the ear than he was. ❤ I can totally imagine the biggest smirk on his face after singing that note (but the retarded camera totally panned towards Jae’s face instead >.<).

And, just on a random note, I’m SO GLAD Jaejoong’s hair no longer looks like that. So Glad.

The full vid:


February 14, 2008

Ha. Hmmm. Okay.

Tomorrow’s ♥ Day. Lovely. Though I’ll be spending it in solitude, I pretty much don’t care. As retarded as this sounds, I’ll buy myself a box of chocolates, download some sappy music (read: Savage Garden-esque), put DBSK’s “Love in the Ice” on repeat (kay, maybe I should offer my english services to SM entertainment, cos what exactly does “Love in the Ice” mean? Someone, please, enlighten me.), and spend Couple’s Day all by myself. I’ll just love myself.

I really sound like an old fart/hermit type thing right now, don’t I?

In which case, do let me discuss DBSK’s “Love in the Ice” in detail. And I shall refer you to the lovely nanshi, who I’ll eventually get back for getting me ridiculously hooked to this amazing single.

Really, words won’t even come close to describing my feelings for this song. The boys have brought so much to the table in performing this song. Really. And in performance, I’m referring to the Soul Power at Tokyo Summit one.

Yes. Google it now. THAT ONE.

Watch it, and I swear you will most definitely melt into a great big puddle of goo. Or dissolve into nothingness. Or burst into tears, like I almost did. Why?

Because they’re just so good. Omigod. Really, they are. AHFDSFHK.

First, Jae. Oh, Joongie. (Wow. I feel like a retard for using that endearing … name – if you can even call it that – to refer to him.) You complete me. (Okay. Now, I feel like scrapping this entire entry, just because it’s absolute mush already. And I’m not even close to being done.) I remember him, at some point, saying he wanted to improve on the emotional aspect of his singing. I believe he then referred to Junsu, saying how Junsu had an advantage in the sense that he knew exactly how to convey his emotions through his singing. (Kay, I’m not sure if what I just wrote is true, or if I’m creating my own reality right now. Which is totally okay. I’m fine with that.)

Um. I think with this ONE performance, Jae has reached his freaking goal. My boy emoted so well, it was amazing. I wanted to cry just watching his facial expressions. I mean, sure, he looked constipated at certain points, but really, if that’s how he expresses his feelings, I am so fine with that. SO FINE. It’s just that … his emotions were seriously INTERTWINED with his voice. When he wailed out the lyrics, I could feel a clamp on my heart, and despite the fact that there was an obvious language barrier, I could feel everything Jae was feeling. And that’s what makes a singer amazing.

Omg. I’ve just become a real, honest-to-God fangirl, haven’t I?

And Yunho. *cries* I’ve never actually heard his voice. I still can’t tell the difference between his and Yoochun’s voices (which could be mainly due to the fact that I’m absolutely TERRIBLE in differentiating voices in a group, unless there is an obvious gender difference, or an evident distinction due to puberty coughJunsucough). That’s why youtube is seriously saving my life with their performance videos, as now, I’ve pretty much memorized who sings what in the song.

So, Yunho is absolute mindblowingly, orgasmically fantastic at harmony. That’s how much I love his harmony and deep voice. And turning his mic up during the performance so he could actually be heard, rather than blend in, totally helped. I mean, the boy’s basically known as the leader of the group, and a good dancer, … but a singer … ? That coupled with the fact that no one can ever hear his freaking voice is enough to label him as the *worst singer in DBSK*.

To all that, I say whatever. Yeah, just listen to this performance. And be at the mercy of his beautiful, beautiful voice. Because, omg, he has the type of voice that goes with everything and anything and it is so wonderful, I want to cry, because he’s improved to the point that I can’t even put together a proper sentence, because I’m so proud of him (look, Ma, at least I put some freaking commas in). And he has a really powerful voice too. No joke. I mean, when he sings “Don’t be afraid”, he really kills that line (kills, as in totally pwns, as in he OWNS this line = the good connotation of “kills” basically). It’s amazing, he’s amazing, DBSK’s amazing, and so’s Micky Yoochun.

OMG. Tell me Yoochun’s high note during Junsu’s solo is not absolutely AMAZING (I’ve run out of adjectives to use, so um, read my level of excitement through my use of italics and bold-type font and CAPITALS). I basically almost pulled the headphones away from my head the first time I heard it, put on a disgusted face the second time, and almost died from happiness and giddiness and pure joy the third time. (Yes, I know yoochun looks like a monkey while hitting this note, but whatevs, we can totally excuse him, just cos his voice is pure heaven.) Chunnie (omg. there I go again) has an amazingly powerful, deep, sexy, rawr voice while singing this song. And I love him for it. I really do.

And JUNSU. His voice is amazing. I will always maintain this. Unique, but amazing. And his solo is ABSOLUTE LOVE, especially when you physically SEE him singing it, because, it’s just, blardy fantastic and so fitting. I could recognize his voice anywhere, and for that, I thank puberty. I really do. (I’msuchafreakIknow).

Changmin’s growing up, too! Granted, he wasn’t given that many singing parts in this song, but whatevs, I say. He looks like a man, he acts like a man, and one day, he’ll totally be able to control his voice perfectly. DBSK is sooooooo the perfect group for him. FO SHO.

Alright, I’ve almost written 1000 words on this song, so um, go listen to it right now, and leave me a comment. (Don’t worry. I won’t be offended if you don’t) But lemme know what you think, cos the song is SO TOTALLY GOOD ENOUGH to be commented on.