Just a Lil’ Update

September 28, 2008

Hey guys. ūüôā

First off, I’d like to apologize for my utter failure at updating. It’s been extremely hectic, as I’ve just moved out of the family home and into university residence, and even with a meal plan, it’s really hard to keep yourself on track and completely organized.

In any case, I’ll probably start updating regularly one of these days just as a mini-break from all the craziness in my life. Of course, I might be acting a tad optimistic, as I’ve never updated regularly in the past (*giggles*), but … it could happen one of these days. You never know.

Just a shout out to those close cyberfriends of mine – you guys know who you are. I miss you all so much, and one of these days, we’ll have to get our butts onto msn and have a gab sesh. Yes, yes? FOUR/FIVE-WAY CONVOS FTW. ‚̧


Okada Masaki … ‚ô•

August 28, 2008

More on this lurvely Japanese actor to come.

In the mean time, DO watch “A Gentle Breeze in the Village”. I like it even better than Koizora.

Which says heaps.


Because Miura Haruma (that springhorse) is so delish.


Popseoul vs. Seoulbeats

August 21, 2008

So, most of you lovely people invested in Korean pop culture must¬†have heard about¬†the infamous Korean gossip blog¬†Popseoul, right? I’ll bet you guys even¬†read it religiously back in the day, didn’t you? You know you did. ‚̧

I certainly did. I’ll even admit that at one point in time, I actually thought the authors were witty and not, y’know, downright cruel in their remarks. But recently, after the even more notorious split between the co-authors of the blog (there’s apparently a lot of drama in the blogging world), I’ve taken to following both the original Popseoul (owned by the Korean sista) and the newly-formed Seoulbeats¬†(owned by the American counterpart). Now, obviously, there are pros and cons to both.¬†I’ll¬†start¬†with Seoulbeats.

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Mean Girl Ah Chu.

July 13, 2008

I’m currently about¬†twenty-seven minutes and one second into¬†the first episode of Mean Girl Ah Chu, and I’m really not too sure what to think of it. Yes, I’m a sucker for romantic comedies, which this drama sets itself up to be, but the rather dry synopsis on Dramawiki (found here) doesn’t exactly sound too enticing.

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Press Delete. ‚ô•

July 3, 2008

I deleted a couple DBSK songs off my iPod early today.

… My, was it ever liberating.

I honestly tried deleting more, but I’ve too deep an attachment to the others. *flails* And the funny thing is, I haven’t truly listened to a DBSK songs in about¬†two-three weeks, so, really, why exactly are they still on my iPod, eating up space?

And then I soothed myself by downloading some Ajoo, who hasn’t improved by much since his debut, but whose voice, I’ll admit,¬†no longer gets on my nerves. And yes, I’ll agree with a Youtube user that he no longer sounds like a 13-year-old on helium gas. However, he still doesn’t sound like an 18-year-old with 7 years of voice training.

Will reply to comments AND post up my prom pics when I get the chance, because¬†as of right now, I’ve got the mother of all colds. IN THE SUMMER.¬†(And yes, Beckery, you = friend ‚ô•).

And because I love you all so much, and because my girlcrushing is at its optimum when it comes to Younha, I give you Younha’s Delete. Click. (And please, boys and girls, let’s not direct link, mmkay?)

IT IS SUCH A GOOD SONG, IS IT NOT? Well, yes, it’s poppy, but HOMG, DOES HER VOICE NOT DEMAND TO BE HEAPED WITH PRAISE?! LSM, you fail so bad when it comes to choosing your star celebs.

… Well, that’s not true, because you’re the ultimate win when it comes to DBSK, and Suju, and CSJH, and SHINee.

FINE, you fail a great deal at promoting then.

… Except, some would consider SHINee to be the smartest thing you’ve ever done when it comes to marketing+pr.

HOMG, you’re actually GOOD at what you do. Now, if only you could PROMOTE CSJH MORE, YOU FOOL.


So We Talked All Night About the Rest of Our Lives … ‚ô•

June 25, 2008


And on a side note, I read the best quote of my life earlier today.  

“No rule, of course, against younger boyfriends, but still. Fourteen?

An hour later, when I heard the TV go off downstairs and heard Mom climb the stairs and walk to her room, I was still sitting in the chair and staring at the bed.


As spoken by the eighteen-year-old protagonist of the novel “Just Like That” by Marsha Qualey and totally mirroring my thoughts regarding SHINee (roflmao). Fantastic read …¬†if you’re into teen reads.

… And yes, I do happen to have a very sad life.


P.S. Will reply to comments eventually! Prom Friday! Tres excited. :):):) I’ll post prom pics up, but it WILL be a protected post because I’m VERY paronoid about Internet stalkers. Sorry to all my silent readers, but you’ll have to write¬†some long extended comment explaining WHO you are, WHY you like/read my blog and WHY I should let you¬†view peektures of me.


Randomosity At Its Best.

June 13, 2008

Credits go to greevedsouls @ Youtube

Seriously, this song is so bloody addictive. It’s been on repeat in my head since … last Thursday, regardless of the fact that the guys singing this song are in their mid to late thirties and regardless of the fact that the individual¬†who appears to be the¬†head honcho of the group is Mark Wahlberg’s brother. Yes, Mark Wahlberg’s brother.

And oh yes, this group was extremely popular in the 80s/90s, with this song marking their comeback.

… I’m attracted to bloody¬†thirty-year-olds. *headdesk*

By the way, if you’re in LOVE with Korean fashion (which I unduly am), do visit this site. The photographs are fantastic, the fashion is happening and the commentary is chock-full of interesting facts and observations. I actually spend¬†eons on this site, because I love it so much and¬†because the pictures are so … nice. *drools*¬†‚ô•