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Press Delete. ♥

July 3, 2008

I deleted a couple DBSK songs off my iPod early today.

… My, was it ever liberating.

I honestly tried deleting more, but I’ve too deep an attachment to the others. *flails* And the funny thing is, I haven’t truly listened to a DBSK songs in about two-three weeks, so, really, why exactly are they still on my iPod, eating up space?

And then I soothed myself by downloading some Ajoo, who hasn’t improved by much since his debut, but whose voice, I’ll admit, no longer gets on my nerves. And yes, I’ll agree with a Youtube user that he no longer sounds like a 13-year-old on helium gas. However, he still doesn’t sound like an 18-year-old with 7 years of voice training.

Will reply to comments AND post up my prom pics when I get the chance, because as of right now, I’ve got the mother of all colds. IN THE SUMMER. (And yes, Beckery, you = friend ♥).

And because I love you all so much, and because my girlcrushing is at its optimum when it comes to Younha, I give you Younha’s Delete. Click. (And please, boys and girls, let’s not direct link, mmkay?)

IT IS SUCH A GOOD SONG, IS IT NOT? Well, yes, it’s poppy, but HOMG, DOES HER VOICE NOT DEMAND TO BE HEAPED WITH PRAISE?! LSM, you fail so bad when it comes to choosing your star celebs.

… Well, that’s not true, because you’re the ultimate win when it comes to DBSK, and Suju, and CSJH, and SHINee.

FINE, you fail a great deal at promoting then.

… Except, some would consider SHINee to be the smartest thing you’ve ever done when it comes to marketing+pr.

HOMG, you’re actually GOOD at what you do. Now, if only you could PROMOTE CSJH MORE, YOU FOOL.



March 12, 2008

I’m listening to the piano version of Insa right now (Thanks James!), and omg, I’m seriously melting into a puddle of goo right now (However, this could also be the result of sitting directly in the sun while waiting for my lab experiment to GERMINATE. Yes, bio homework for the March Break isn’t very exciting and rather HORRIBLE, actually).  But anyway, the piano version sounds gorgeous, even more so than when coupled with the voices, I’m afraid. The boys’ voices add to the ambience and the musicality of the song of course, but the piano section … stands on its own. It’s simply marvelous, and I can’t get over it.

(A/N – I’m not uploading this song, because I got it from a fellow cybersurfer, but I’ll be happy to send it to you if you leave me your email! Or I’ll direct him to your email. :))

I wish I could play the piano half as well as certain individuals (MY BEST FRIEND, for one. GAH,  I hate being the best friend of a musical genius sometimes. >_<) , but I’m quite content to sit back and listen to someone else playing, as well. Well-played music has the ability to put me in my happy space, and I find myself consistently rejuvenated after listening to the piano version of any fave song of mine (which does not include classical, by the way. I’m forced to play it a ridiculous amount for piano lessons already, so I tend to avoid listening to it or playing it in my own time). That includes EVERY SINGLE DBSK BALLAD OUT THERE, because I’m evidently not obsessed enough with this group.

But yes, other notables include:

Tong Hua – Guang Liang

Gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS song. It’s classically overplayed (there’re like 423472374823748 449 youtube videos of people going: “HEY! Look what *I* can do!” These versions all sound exactly the same, mind you. XD), but I never get tired of it, just because imo, this is probably THE song that started the whole <<piano-youtube-look what I can do>> craze.

Google “DBSK – piano”

And this is what you get. Heeeeeee, I’m not the only one! XD

Only Hope – Mandy Moore/ Switchfoot 

This song sounds amazing just with the piano. I’m CONSTANTLY playing it at home, so the siblings have memorized the entire song (not by choice). XD I prefer the piano version to Mandy Moore’s voice, but piano + Switchfoot puts me in lala land in a whole new dimension.

Diary – Alicia Keys

She’s probably one of my most preferred female artists out of the multitudes that I’ve been exposed to, simply because she’s also a classically-trained pianist. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Diary is my absolutely FAVE song by her, sheerly for the excellent piano intro and interludes, the marvelous duet she has with Toni something or another and her own simply gorgeous voice. I invite you to dip into the deliciousness that is Alicia Keys right here. And if you’d like, leave a note, and I’ll send you some goodness in the form of an email. ^.-


My PERSONAL FAVE. She blows me away EACH TIME. Only 20, she sings in both Korean and Japanese, but has pretty much mastered most of the English language as well (her pronounciation when she ventures down the English path is quite stellar). Funnily enough, she was rejected by SM when she first auditioned, although her talent was clearly evident at that age (Junsu and Eunhyuk, who were at the same audition, were accepted though. At least SM did something right), on the grounds that she wasn’t good-looking enough (to put it bluntly). Sadly, most companies look for something to market, and if you’re not pretty or plastic enough, you can wave your dreams goodbye. To make it in the business, having amazing talent isn’t enough; you need to be marketable as well.

Obviously, with talent that enormous, one rejection wasn’t enough to stop her, and she returned to Japan to audition for a Japanese record label. I’m not sure what the outcome of that audition was, and although I find her voice flat and emotionless at points throughout the audition, I’m sure it aided in propelling her to where she is now as an artist.

Anyway, some goodies:

Cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” – I’m a complete sucker for this song, I must admit. Actually, I’m a complete sucker for Kelly Clarkson in general, although I’m not sure why. Nonetheless, Younha goes beyond doing justice to this song; she makes it her own. Usually, the lack of comprehensible English detracts from the song, but as is evident, her pronounciation is excellent and those words she struggles with don’t take away from the live performance at all. Even as a native English-speaker, I don’t possess enough ability to surpass Kelly Clarkson when covering her songs, so it’s refreshing to see an individual – one whose first language is NOT English – with the potential to do so.

Younha’s “Password 486” – A pop-tastic song from her, and although not her best, was the first song that introduced her to the Korean public/netizens, I do believe. Or maybe I’m making this up. Nonetheless, rife with piano riffs, I’ve found myself chronically-addicted to this song, if not for her piano interludes, then for the catchy “Boy boy boy boy blahblahblah” refrain. It’s almost like a commercial jingle that you have on REPEAT in your head, against your own will. XD

Younha’s “Houki Boshi” – If you’ve ever seen Bleach (which I have not, thanks very much. I just have a brother who’s been through still going through his “addicted to anime and all things Maple story” phase), this was the ending theme song, and like most of Younha’s singles, rather addictive. Her really strong voice always confuses me, because like most listeners, I stereotype Japanese singers, as they usually have fascinatingly cute/whiny voices (It’s the same with taiwanese singers zomg.). Younha has an extremely strong and crystal clear voice, as she articulates extremely well, so I get confused when trying to figure out whether she’s singing in Japanese or singing in Korean. (That, coupled with the fact that I’m ridiculously bad at languages. I’ve been trying to learn Mandarin for the majority of my life now, and I’m still failing rather badly at it. XD)

… AND if you’re STILL not convinced by my nonsensical babbling, here are some amazing LIVE duets with Epik High, Wheesung, and K Will. My absolute fave would have to be that between her and K Will, because seriously, I’ve never been so blown away by a performance. Honestly, these are two ridiculously amazing singers with the most marvelous volume and strength control I’ve ever seen/heard in my ENTIRE life, and their duet stunned both myself and most members of the audience, I’m sure. Younha rocks that piano like there’s no tomorrow, and both she and K Will wail an excellent amount, especially in Music is My Life, which caused me to swoon at the time, and is now causing me to go incoherent … !  Honestly, my rambling here cannot and WILL NOT do any justice whatsoever to this performance, so please please PLEASE give it a watch/listen.

It is THAT good. (Note use of capitals, italics, bold and underlining for emphasis!) ♥

(A/N Nanshi, Pinkandsparkly, Candychu, I am SO EXPECTING to read comments from you on your thoughts on Younha XD. How’s THAT for putting you on the spot? ^^)