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Some Updating Love. ♥

April 9, 2008

I’m liking WordPress’s new layout right now. Very snazzy. The orangeness of the dashboard is rather appealing, but as candyface has mentioned on her blog here, the placement of the categories widget is only a little … inconvenient.

Anyhow, seeing as I haven’t updated in eons (read: about two weeks), it’s about time I did. 

  • I’m doing terribly in chem, which has forced me to find a tutor before I write my final exam in about a month. I’m seriously freaked out. FREAKED OUT.
  • My parents are still pushing medical school. We have different visions for my future.
  • SJ-M has surpassed my expectations. I never expected their voices to be this fantastic or their mandarin to be this articulate. Mighty impressed, I am.
  • New songs for you to check out: Tonight (Lexy), Prince (Nicholas Teo), Around the World + Go! SORA (Monkey Majik), Himitsu (Koda Kumi … !!! *girlcrush* This is actually a download link. <3), Goodnight and Go (Imogen Heap), We Belong Together and Forever With You (Big Bang feat. Park Bom), Change Me and Cockney Girl (Wang Lee Hom) and Love Seat (Wheesung feat. Humming Urban Stereo). If you’d like me to send you a song (or multiple … !!!), drop me a line, because comments are <3. (Or I’m just immensely shallow. <3)  
  • That said, I’m finally a fan of Wang Lee Hom, which took me long enough. It definitely didn’t help that the first song of his that I heard was “Girl Friend” (Nu Peng You), which I didn’t like at all. But yes, I’m now a MASSIVE fan of “Cockney Girl” (the female’s voice is LOVE), and his voice is SO versatile and nice.
  • I thought I wouldn’t ever get into SNSD, but I’m now a ginormous fan of this girl here. Not only is she a blardy fantastic dancer, but she seems adorable and down-to-earth. Plus, she’s one of the lesser known girls in the group, which makes me love her so much more. XDDD But yes, she only sings one line in this clip (What exactly did you expect from a nine-girl group?!), but imo, she sings it better than anyone else. <33333
  • I’ve been ridiculously addicted to Let’s Get Married (or issit We Got Married?!) lately. The premise of the show is to capture both the awkward and the adorable moments celebrities have together as they re-enact newly-married couples (I presume that they’ve had minimal contact with each other up until the show). As per usual, hilarity ensues. Yes, Alex and Shin Ae are absolutely adorable together, with a perfectly-gallant Alex and a playful (but incredibly shy) Shin Ae, but I’m rooting for the Andy-Solbi couple, because she’s so damn affectionate and he’s so … frightened by her. XD Plus, Andy has got what HAS to be the cutest smile I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Check out some lovin’ here, and be sure to drop the lovely Coolsmurf a line of thanks … !!!
  • I’ve realized that the first thing I notice in guys is their smile, as opposed to their eyes. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with said guy here and here and here (Pause the video at 4:11 and you’ll totally see what I mean. His smile is FELJFHAJHSJHABDSHDKILUSM). And zomg, you’ll be hearing a ridiculous amount about this lovely jceleb (He’s farthest to the right. But yes, Kame and Yamapi = ♥ too … !!!) in ze future (if you haven’t already. XD).
  • My exams are coming up in a month, so don’t be alarmed if I disappear off the face of the Earth in two weeks. XDDDD I’M STILL ALIVE, I SWEAR. Hehe.


<333333 you all … !!!


I’m Communicating with Aliens. XDDDD (Don’t JUDGE me, okay?)

March 24, 2008

I am so amused right now. So very amused. <333333

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