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SHINee – Live perf on Sukira!

June 12, 2008

Watch the video here! Credits go to miiloverx2, who, if I’m not mistaken, is a SHINee-shipper? If so, ‚̧ to you.

Anywho, this is a live performance of “Replay (You’re so Pretty, Noona)” on Sukira, and as per usual, it was flawless.

Points to note:

  • They’re wearing the same shirts, but in different colours. HOW CUTE IS THAT. It’s cute enough to make me go pedo all over again. *sigh*
  • Jonghyun looks like a midget beside Minho. And HELLO MINHO, you MUST be over 180 cm right? ūüėČ
  • Immediately upon hearing the opening strains of their feature song, each boy begins to bob his head, which gives you a line of bobbing heads. Surprisingly, Taemin moves the least while singing … until we reach his solo dance perf, that is. But seriously, he’s about as loose as a … tree.
  • Jonghyun has a really soothing voice. Really soothing. And it’s perfect for ad-libbing.
  • I still love Onew’s voice the most, because it’s tres deep and attractive and absolutely lovely.
  • Key moves like a girl. XDDDDDD Really, he’s got to be the most feminine in the group. However, seeing as he’s in the same company as Heechul, he has nothing to worry about, because¬†Heechul won’t ever let anyone become prettier¬†than him.¬†You don’t quite understand narcissism until you … examine both Heechul and Jaejoong.¬†‚ô•
  • I LOVE Key’s voice at 1:26. Really, it’s rare when you find a rapper who sings as well as he raps, and well, Key seems to do well in both areas. *seething with jealousy*
  • At 1:36, Jonghyun does a funky little movement with his feet, where he turns both feet inwards. Warning: It’s laughter-inducing. I sat there laughing for at least five minutes, because it was so … dorky. Btw, I ‚ô• dorks, so please boys, bring on the dorkage. ¬†
  • At 2:06,¬†it’s just Taemin and Minho singing, and you can actually hear both voices REALLY CLEARLY! I’m in awe, because up until¬†today, I¬†hadn’t yet figured out what Minho’s voice sounded like. But, omg, it’s really REALLY deep (he’s a bass?) and goes really nicely with Taemin’s supah high voice. (The boy CLEARLY hasn’t gone through puberty yet. *pats him on the head*).
  • At 2:59 and from 3:06 to 3:11, you get the clearest shots of Taemin’s beautiful smile. I¬†barely resisted¬†the urge to reach into the screen and pat him on the head when he smiled, because he looked so cute and like … such a¬†minor (which he is, of course). XDDDD
  • At 3:36, Taemin starts dancing in his confined bubble of space, and rofl, both Jonghyun and Onew have to avoid his feet, which stray dangerously near to Jonghyun’s.

Ahhhh, these boys are too cute. Too bad three of them are SO YOUNG. XDDDD I’m so bitter.

Note: To watch them perform Rokkugo, which is a cracktastic song, click here. Rofl, someone goes soprano during the song, and it’s complete with voice exaggerations and facial distortions.¬†Ahhh, it’s just too good. ‚ô•¬†


Oooooh, those blue metallic pants have GOT to go.