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Press Delete. ♥

July 3, 2008

I deleted a couple DBSK songs off my iPod early today.

… My, was it ever liberating.

I honestly tried deleting more, but I’ve too deep an attachment to the others. *flails* And the funny thing is, I haven’t truly listened to a DBSK songs in about two-three weeks, so, really, why exactly are they still on my iPod, eating up space?

And then I soothed myself by downloading some Ajoo, who hasn’t improved by much since his debut, but whose voice, I’ll admit, no longer gets on my nerves. And yes, I’ll agree with a Youtube user that he no longer sounds like a 13-year-old on helium gas. However, he still doesn’t sound like an 18-year-old with 7 years of voice training.

Will reply to comments AND post up my prom pics when I get the chance, because as of right now, I’ve got the mother of all colds. IN THE SUMMER. (And yes, Beckery, you = friend ♥).

And because I love you all so much, and because my girlcrushing is at its optimum when it comes to Younha, I give you Younha’s Delete. Click. (And please, boys and girls, let’s not direct link, mmkay?)

IT IS SUCH A GOOD SONG, IS IT NOT? Well, yes, it’s poppy, but HOMG, DOES HER VOICE NOT DEMAND TO BE HEAPED WITH PRAISE?! LSM, you fail so bad when it comes to choosing your star celebs.

… Well, that’s not true, because you’re the ultimate win when it comes to DBSK, and Suju, and CSJH, and SHINee.

FINE, you fail a great deal at promoting then.

… Except, some would consider SHINee to be the smartest thing you’ve ever done when it comes to marketing+pr.

HOMG, you’re actually GOOD at what you do. Now, if only you could PROMOTE CSJH MORE, YOU FOOL.


To Make the Magic Last More Than Just One Night … ♥

May 9, 2008

[Credits go to Encomion @ Youtube] ♥

Have you ever heard Changmin sing in English?! Because, he’s got undeniably GREAT pronunciation. I actually understood more than 95% of his song, which I’m not used to at all when it comes to DBSK.  

And yes, while his English is commendable and while I will definitely worship it later on in this post, I’d first like to draw your attention to the fact that Changmin is singing at a low pitch. This proves it – he doesn’t have to sing those high, pitchy notes all the time. Actually, I’m probably in the minority when it comes to praising Changmin’s high notes – I can’t stand them at times, while others LOVE them and I’m sure, put all his songs on repeat. Yeah, his premium solo, a.k.a Wild Soul? It’s been deleted off my iPod, because I can’t stand all the pitchy screaming and ear-destroying vocals. Come to think of it, I think I only listened to it once before condemning it to purgatory, otherwise known as the “Let’s avoid this music but keep it anyway for the sake of having it on my harddrive” folder. I’m so supportive of him. ^^

But yes, the huskiness and fullness of his voice is really quite appealing. And I love the emotional depth of his voice – even if I had no clue who was singing at all, I’d be mightily impressed by the bitterness evident in his voice. Most of all though, I’m incredibly impressed by his extensive range. We KNOW this boy has the ability to sing really high – in fact, Jae’s mentioned that he’s the only one who can reach all the notes on “Wild Soul”; the others are incapable of singing such high notes with the same level of broadness and depth as their low notes. While I won’t deny that Changmin’s high notes aren’t easy to listen to, it awes me that he can even make NOISES at that high of a pitch, and to be able to sing full verses that high with literally the same amount of fullness as his lower notes is commendable, and really worthy of my praise.

Additionally, his English is AMAZING, and I really can’t get over how understandable this song is. Actually, I’m a massive massive massive fan of K-pop, so it doesn’t bother me when I can’t understand the lyrics to a song; my only beef is when the song’s in ENGLISH and I can hardly understand due to pronunciation issues. Whereas I don’t care too much for Korean lyrics or romanizations, English lyrics are very important to me, and I like being able to understand them AND sing along with them. But yes, his pronunciation is blardy fantastic, and even those hard-to-pronounce words such as “through” (even the multitalented CJSH hasn’t quite been able to pronounce this word the way it’s supposed to be pronounced, as evidenced by their version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”), he manages to mask any mispronunciation with the thickness and huskiness of his voice. 

Actually, I find that it’s best to have a huskier voice when singing in another language, due to its ability to disguise any pronunciation mishaps. Various artists like BoA and Uno Misako have very clear, articulate voices, and as a result, it’s really quite easy to be very critical of their English/Engrish. The same goes for Jae, whose sometimes nasally voice, but ALWAYS ridiculously clear and articulate, makes it really easy for me to find faults and describe them in great detail. On the flip side, Koda Kumi has a really great, strong, husky voice, so the majority of her mispronunciations aren’t as noticeable.

Just Once is attributed to both Quincy Jones and James Ingram. I’m actually not too sure who owns the song, but check out Ingram’s 1981 performance of it here. Although Changmin’s version is not of the same calibre, due to language issues and overall, the lack of experience, I’d have to say he held his own and did relatively well.  

What do you think?

Just Once (lyrics taken from here)

I did my best
But i guess my best wasn’t good enough
‘Cause here we are back where we were before
Seems nothing ever changes
We’re back to being strangers
Wond’ring if we ought to stay or head on out the door

Just once
Can we figure out
What we keep doin’ wrong?
Why we never last for very long
What are we doing wrong?

Just once
Can’t we find a way to fin’lly make it right?
To make the magic last for more than just one night
If we could just get to it
I know we could break thru it

I gave my all
But I think my all may have been too much
‘Cause Lord knows
We’re not getting anywhere
Seems we’re always blowin’
Whatever we’ve got going
And it seems at times with all we’ve got
We haven’t got a prayer

Just Once
Can’t we figure out what we keep doin’ wrong?
Why the good times never last for long?
Where are we going wrong?

Just once
Can’t we find a way to fin’lly make it right?
To make the magic last more than just one night
I know we could break thru’ it
If we could just get to it
Just Once
Ooh.. We can get to it..
Just Once…


Some Updating Love. ♥

April 9, 2008

I’m liking WordPress’s new layout right now. Very snazzy. The orangeness of the dashboard is rather appealing, but as candyface has mentioned on her blog here, the placement of the categories widget is only a little … inconvenient.

Anyhow, seeing as I haven’t updated in eons (read: about two weeks), it’s about time I did. 

  • I’m doing terribly in chem, which has forced me to find a tutor before I write my final exam in about a month. I’m seriously freaked out. FREAKED OUT.
  • My parents are still pushing medical school. We have different visions for my future.
  • SJ-M has surpassed my expectations. I never expected their voices to be this fantastic or their mandarin to be this articulate. Mighty impressed, I am.
  • New songs for you to check out: Tonight (Lexy), Prince (Nicholas Teo), Around the World + Go! SORA (Monkey Majik), Himitsu (Koda Kumi … !!! *girlcrush* This is actually a download link. <3), Goodnight and Go (Imogen Heap), We Belong Together and Forever With You (Big Bang feat. Park Bom), Change Me and Cockney Girl (Wang Lee Hom) and Love Seat (Wheesung feat. Humming Urban Stereo). If you’d like me to send you a song (or multiple … !!!), drop me a line, because comments are <3. (Or I’m just immensely shallow. <3)  
  • That said, I’m finally a fan of Wang Lee Hom, which took me long enough. It definitely didn’t help that the first song of his that I heard was “Girl Friend” (Nu Peng You), which I didn’t like at all. But yes, I’m now a MASSIVE fan of “Cockney Girl” (the female’s voice is LOVE), and his voice is SO versatile and nice.
  • I thought I wouldn’t ever get into SNSD, but I’m now a ginormous fan of this girl here. Not only is she a blardy fantastic dancer, but she seems adorable and down-to-earth. Plus, she’s one of the lesser known girls in the group, which makes me love her so much more. XDDD But yes, she only sings one line in this clip (What exactly did you expect from a nine-girl group?!), but imo, she sings it better than anyone else. <33333
  • I’ve been ridiculously addicted to Let’s Get Married (or issit We Got Married?!) lately. The premise of the show is to capture both the awkward and the adorable moments celebrities have together as they re-enact newly-married couples (I presume that they’ve had minimal contact with each other up until the show). As per usual, hilarity ensues. Yes, Alex and Shin Ae are absolutely adorable together, with a perfectly-gallant Alex and a playful (but incredibly shy) Shin Ae, but I’m rooting for the Andy-Solbi couple, because she’s so damn affectionate and he’s so … frightened by her. XD Plus, Andy has got what HAS to be the cutest smile I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Check out some lovin’ here, and be sure to drop the lovely Coolsmurf a line of thanks … !!!
  • I’ve realized that the first thing I notice in guys is their smile, as opposed to their eyes. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with said guy here and here and here (Pause the video at 4:11 and you’ll totally see what I mean. His smile is FELJFHAJHSJHABDSHDKILUSM). And zomg, you’ll be hearing a ridiculous amount about this lovely jceleb (He’s farthest to the right. But yes, Kame and Yamapi = ♥ too … !!!) in ze future (if you haven’t already. XD).
  • My exams are coming up in a month, so don’t be alarmed if I disappear off the face of the Earth in two weeks. XDDDD I’M STILL ALIVE, I SWEAR. Hehe.


<333333 you all … !!!



March 12, 2008

I’m listening to the piano version of Insa right now (Thanks James!), and omg, I’m seriously melting into a puddle of goo right now (However, this could also be the result of sitting directly in the sun while waiting for my lab experiment to GERMINATE. Yes, bio homework for the March Break isn’t very exciting and rather HORRIBLE, actually).  But anyway, the piano version sounds gorgeous, even more so than when coupled with the voices, I’m afraid. The boys’ voices add to the ambience and the musicality of the song of course, but the piano section … stands on its own. It’s simply marvelous, and I can’t get over it.

(A/N – I’m not uploading this song, because I got it from a fellow cybersurfer, but I’ll be happy to send it to you if you leave me your email! Or I’ll direct him to your email. :))

I wish I could play the piano half as well as certain individuals (MY BEST FRIEND, for one. GAH,  I hate being the best friend of a musical genius sometimes. >_<) , but I’m quite content to sit back and listen to someone else playing, as well. Well-played music has the ability to put me in my happy space, and I find myself consistently rejuvenated after listening to the piano version of any fave song of mine (which does not include classical, by the way. I’m forced to play it a ridiculous amount for piano lessons already, so I tend to avoid listening to it or playing it in my own time). That includes EVERY SINGLE DBSK BALLAD OUT THERE, because I’m evidently not obsessed enough with this group.

But yes, other notables include:

Tong Hua – Guang Liang

Gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS song. It’s classically overplayed (there’re like 423472374823748 449 youtube videos of people going: “HEY! Look what *I* can do!” These versions all sound exactly the same, mind you. XD), but I never get tired of it, just because imo, this is probably THE song that started the whole <<piano-youtube-look what I can do>> craze.

Google “DBSK – piano”

And this is what you get. Heeeeeee, I’m not the only one! XD

Only Hope – Mandy Moore/ Switchfoot 

This song sounds amazing just with the piano. I’m CONSTANTLY playing it at home, so the siblings have memorized the entire song (not by choice). XD I prefer the piano version to Mandy Moore’s voice, but piano + Switchfoot puts me in lala land in a whole new dimension.

Diary – Alicia Keys

She’s probably one of my most preferred female artists out of the multitudes that I’ve been exposed to, simply because she’s also a classically-trained pianist. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Diary is my absolutely FAVE song by her, sheerly for the excellent piano intro and interludes, the marvelous duet she has with Toni something or another and her own simply gorgeous voice. I invite you to dip into the deliciousness that is Alicia Keys right here. And if you’d like, leave a note, and I’ll send you some goodness in the form of an email. ^.-


My PERSONAL FAVE. She blows me away EACH TIME. Only 20, she sings in both Korean and Japanese, but has pretty much mastered most of the English language as well (her pronounciation when she ventures down the English path is quite stellar). Funnily enough, she was rejected by SM when she first auditioned, although her talent was clearly evident at that age (Junsu and Eunhyuk, who were at the same audition, were accepted though. At least SM did something right), on the grounds that she wasn’t good-looking enough (to put it bluntly). Sadly, most companies look for something to market, and if you’re not pretty or plastic enough, you can wave your dreams goodbye. To make it in the business, having amazing talent isn’t enough; you need to be marketable as well.

Obviously, with talent that enormous, one rejection wasn’t enough to stop her, and she returned to Japan to audition for a Japanese record label. I’m not sure what the outcome of that audition was, and although I find her voice flat and emotionless at points throughout the audition, I’m sure it aided in propelling her to where she is now as an artist.

Anyway, some goodies:

Cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” – I’m a complete sucker for this song, I must admit. Actually, I’m a complete sucker for Kelly Clarkson in general, although I’m not sure why. Nonetheless, Younha goes beyond doing justice to this song; she makes it her own. Usually, the lack of comprehensible English detracts from the song, but as is evident, her pronounciation is excellent and those words she struggles with don’t take away from the live performance at all. Even as a native English-speaker, I don’t possess enough ability to surpass Kelly Clarkson when covering her songs, so it’s refreshing to see an individual – one whose first language is NOT English – with the potential to do so.

Younha’s “Password 486” – A pop-tastic song from her, and although not her best, was the first song that introduced her to the Korean public/netizens, I do believe. Or maybe I’m making this up. Nonetheless, rife with piano riffs, I’ve found myself chronically-addicted to this song, if not for her piano interludes, then for the catchy “Boy boy boy boy blahblahblah” refrain. It’s almost like a commercial jingle that you have on REPEAT in your head, against your own will. XD

Younha’s “Houki Boshi” – If you’ve ever seen Bleach (which I have not, thanks very much. I just have a brother who’s been through still going through his “addicted to anime and all things Maple story” phase), this was the ending theme song, and like most of Younha’s singles, rather addictive. Her really strong voice always confuses me, because like most listeners, I stereotype Japanese singers, as they usually have fascinatingly cute/whiny voices (It’s the same with taiwanese singers zomg.). Younha has an extremely strong and crystal clear voice, as she articulates extremely well, so I get confused when trying to figure out whether she’s singing in Japanese or singing in Korean. (That, coupled with the fact that I’m ridiculously bad at languages. I’ve been trying to learn Mandarin for the majority of my life now, and I’m still failing rather badly at it. XD)

… AND if you’re STILL not convinced by my nonsensical babbling, here are some amazing LIVE duets with Epik High, Wheesung, and K Will. My absolute fave would have to be that between her and K Will, because seriously, I’ve never been so blown away by a performance. Honestly, these are two ridiculously amazing singers with the most marvelous volume and strength control I’ve ever seen/heard in my ENTIRE life, and their duet stunned both myself and most members of the audience, I’m sure. Younha rocks that piano like there’s no tomorrow, and both she and K Will wail an excellent amount, especially in Music is My Life, which caused me to swoon at the time, and is now causing me to go incoherent … !  Honestly, my rambling here cannot and WILL NOT do any justice whatsoever to this performance, so please please PLEASE give it a watch/listen.

It is THAT good. (Note use of capitals, italics, bold and underlining for emphasis!) ♥

(A/N Nanshi, Pinkandsparkly, Candychu, I am SO EXPECTING to read comments from you on your thoughts on Younha XD. How’s THAT for putting you on the spot? ^^)


Insa Tonight. ♥

March 6, 2008

Edit: Download Insa and Tonight before reading this post. 🙂 Thanks, sweets.

Hey, my lovelies! ♥

I’m at school right now, and I’ve decided to fawn over DBSK some more during my academic prep period (a.k.a. spare) rather than um … work. LOL. I’m really academically- inclined, aren’t I? 😉

Anyhow, I’ve been listening to Jaejoong’s solo of “Insa”, as well as DBSK’s “Tonight”, and oh em geeeeee, I am so in love with these two songs. They are so much love that I’m probably going to listen to them a ridiculous amount tonight. So much love that angels in heaven must stop their harp-playing whenever they hear it; so much love that fairies must  stop flapping their ridiculous wings and spraying their fairy dust everywhere; so much love that Rumpelstiltskin wouldn’t dare steal another child after listening to these two songs in succession (Kay, you caught me. I just wanted an excuse to use “Rumpelstiltskin” in my story. Loser tendencies, BE STILL.). Heeeee.

First, Insa. The beginning piano interlude is absolutely gorgeous. (Is that him playing? Someone, enlighten me please! And then, do be a darling and send me the score so I can play it nonstop and annoy the hell out of my siblings). I actually like his version much better than that by the Dong Bang boys, possibly because I feel his voice is most suited for this type of ballad. With this type of song, he’s able to convey his emotions extremely well and so very clearly, which is excellent for him, as for such a consistent singer like him (where his voice sounds the same in almost every single song), I find it difficult to pick up on whatever feelings he may be trying to express to the listener. And, as a singer, that is the last thing you want to happen – where the audience is unable to identify with you and the song. Of course, one can argue against this by saying that a song is essentially art, transcending mere lyrics, and that each listener may grasp a different emotion from the music, which makes it that much more personal. Nonetheless, it is through his or her own interpretation of the song that a singer can really make the song his own work of art, and to have the listener understand exactly what he or she is trying to communicate is half the fun and entirely the point, I believe. If an audience member came up to me after my live performance of a particular song and proceeded to elaborate upon the emotions he felt during the performance, I’d feel so accomplished and joyful if the emotions he felt mirrored mine exactly. It essentially establishes that connection between you and your audience, and if you’ve at least reached out to one individual and made them feel what you feel, you’ve succeeded in your goal; you’ve nurtured that newborn relationship between you and that particular member of the audience. What a beautiful thought.

I digress once again, though.  

Anyway, although I understood not one word of the song (except for possibly “fly away”, but with these boys, I never actually know if the word I’m hearing is the errrm … correct interpretation of the word? Really, if they need someone to assist them with their English pronounciation, pinkandsparkly and I freely offer our services!!! Nevermind the fact that we live on completely different continents. That’s completely besides the point. =P And Nanshi, you too, maybe?) , I felt so … sad. To the point of tears. And there are very few songs out there that have been the cause of my tears. Call me cold-blooded, call me downright odd and so … out there, but I don’t cry very easily in situations that don’t involve mes parents (or any parent-figure for that matter) or the other members of my family. Really, the only parts in Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese dramas that I’ve cried at involve the miscommunication between family members (especially innocent parents and their evil spawn or evil parents and innocent spawn) and the subsequent pain that results. I, however, am unable to cry when a character’s lover dies, or when … anything horrible happens between the main lovers of a drama, in fact. Yeah, weird, I know.

I can’t even cry at my graduations. I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I won’t be crying at prom this year. And that I’ll be the only one to not cry.

… In fact, I’m usually the only one trying to force myself to cry …

How pathetic. LOL.

I digress though. Like always.

Really, the point is, Jaejoong emoted so well (which reminds me – must look up “emote” and see if it really is a verb), and I can’t always say that for him, so kudos to him. Also, it was SO INSANELY BEAUTIFUL (uh huh, that’s right. I brought out ALL THREE FONT STYLES.) when he sang “Fly Away”. I wanted to CRY when he started singing that section. And then the orchestra picked up and increased in volume.

And I died.


It was THAT GOOD. That’s right. You want to listen to it RIGHT NOW, don’t you? I’ll upload it in my next post, because everyone DBSK fangirl should have a copy of this song. Really. It’s a shame if you don’t. (AND DOWNLOAD “LOVE IN THE ICE”. IF YOU DON’T, I’LL COME HUNT YOU DOWN AND COMMIT MULTIPLE UNSPEAKABLE ACTS AGAINST YOU, SUCH AS COVERING YOUR BED AND CLOTHES IN KETCHUP.)

… I’m really a juvenile person. Sorry. =D

And then “Tonight”. I absolutely adore Junsu’s starting notes. He sings this long succession of notes (so hard to describe), essentially, but he does it so beautifully, effortlessly going up and down subsequent notes and making it an orgasmically perfect start to the song. And I’m not sure who hums after him (horrible with identifying voices. My bad.), but it’s also really nice. I have the sneaking suspicion it’s Jaejoong, but then again, I also think it could be Micky because I am that bad with voices.

Junsu’s absolutely amazing at these filler notes, where he’s essentially not singing any particular word/s, per se, but instead sings these long, gorgeous-sounding, full notes that I . CAN’T . GET . ENOUGH . OF . He does it in every song, where these notes sound totally improvised, but just so right, that it’d be so unfortunate and so wrong if they removed it from the song. He can go up and down scales so effortlessly using solely his voice, and then he’ll sing these long, pure notes that are so ridiculously high, you want to steal his voice and place it in a box that sings to you (errr … lol … radio?). I’m going incoherent just listening to his voice, especially in “Tonight”.

I really could go on and on and on and on about each of the boys’ voices, and then go on and on and on and on about the special effects and mixes in each song. But I won’t, as I’ve written more than 1000 words about two songs already. Ha.

I should limit my 1000-word spazzes to once a month. Heeee.

I love beautiful music. It puts me in this insanely happy mood that I can’t get rid of, and it’s such a good feeling, I never want it to go away. Heeee.


i see. i think. i write. iPod. (This makes no sense, I’m aware).

March 5, 2008

Am I such a freak for having spent hours and hours (read: maybe 10 hours in all? But this is over a course of four days or so.) organizing and then re-organizing my music?

If so, I blame it on my iPod. I mean, this is the first musical device I’ve ever owned. (I’mdeprivedIknow). I’ve never even owned a walkman. Yes, I’m aware that I’ve just crossed over from deprived to downright pathetic. So, can you blame me for wanting my music neatly organized into their proper categories? And I haven’t even organized their genres and subgenres, etc, etc, yet.

Maybe this is streaming from my neat freak, control nature. Not that I’m really neat – just ask my parents. Or visit my room. It (slightly) resembles  what some people might call a pig sty, sans the mud or smell. It also (slightly) resembles the destructive aftermath of a hurricane (but on a much smaller scale, might I add). But, gosh darnit, I love it the way it is. And it HAS to be the way it is, or else I won’t be able to find anything. As long as I know where everything is, everything’s fine. xD

And nor am I very controlling (even though I’d like to be the almighty head of some multi-corporation one day. Methinks I should rethink my goals. =P Maybe I’ll delve into public relations. Or advertising. Or go into accounting. The possibilities are … endless!). But I digress. And I do this a lot, as you may find it. It’s something along the lines of stream of consciousness – I write what I think essentially. It’s all edited though, because … lol … I think with really bad grammar. xD

Anyhow, my iPod’s exacerbated my already freakish, (somewhat) organizational self, but I love my mobile music, so I can’t complain. Excellent for long bus rides, which I’m no stranger to.

A/N Good luck goes to Nanshi, who has a midterm coming up tomorrow! I bet you’ll ace it. Actually, I know you’ll ace it.

And then, you’ll finally be able to watch “Line Up”/”Happy Together”. Omg. Hilarious stuff. I absolutely adore my Dong Bang boys (and with this, I officially break my DBSK fast). Heeeeeeee. 

And *my* blog’s on your list of links. *Points and nods*. That makes me insanely happy. =P  

A/N 2 Thanks for your compliment, pinkandsparkly (this is her personal/fashion blog btw. Her DBSK-centric blog can be found here. Omg. I just noticed the urls. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I absolutely love it. Your next one should be, regarding my writing style. It’s made me uber happy all evening. I haven’t stopped smiling once (that, coupled with the fact that Nanshi added me to her list of links coupled with the fact that I am so very easily amused. Sad, I know.)

I’ve just realized that I write about the most nonsensical things. And I’ve realized that when I’m tired, I really don’t think or write properly at all. I mean, if my English teacher were to read this, she’d be destroyed by my lack of proper … anything.

Evidently, I’m super tired right now. ❤


Yay for Pho.

February 24, 2008

Wow. I actually gave this post a title. *SHOCK*

Anyway, I had a pretty brutal morning. It was the usual Sunday morning, where I wake up, go to church, etc etc, but somehow, it ended up being terrible.

So, I was playing piano for worship team this morning, and totally broke down. No joke. The piano thing is evidently not working out.


Here’s why:

1. I SUCK at the piano. Okay, maybe I don’t suck, but I’m really not confident enough to play it well in front of the entire English congregation (consisting of 50 some people). It’s really a confidence thing, and I’m just not ready to overcome that barrier just yet.

2. I actually prefer singing to playing the piano. So, finding out that there weren’t enough batteries for a third freaking mic today just broke me in half. I mean, because I’m the only piano player on the worship team (currently), I’m forced to play the piano EVERY SINGLE TIME I’M SCHEDULED TO BE ON. It’s tres frustrating. I’m tres frustrated right now. I want to sing more. Hmm … maybe God is trying to unconsciously teach me some lesson, which I’m really not seeing. GOD, DO ENLIGHTEN ME.

And also, just to get this out of my system, there’s this member of the YA (first-year uni student), and I actually think he hates me. Or dislikes me greatly. Or something. Maybe he doesn’t know me well enough. Or maybe he hates his first impression of me.

It’s kinda getting on my nerves. I get along mostly with everybody in the YA, but it seems that whenever I talk to him, he’s looking down at me. Like I’m some piece of gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Like I’m really rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things (or leastwise, in his life, which is probably true, seeing as we really don’t know each other).

Argh. I hate it when people think I’m stupid based on their first impression. At least get to know me, you know?! Find out who I am as a person, why I’m the way I am, and where I’m going in my life. Maybe what you see isn’t what you’ll get. Maybe I’m putting on a facade. Maybe I’m way smarter than I actually look.

I may be loud on the outside and I may say a whole lot without thinking, but really, I’m not so bad once you get to see the real me.

I’m actually sane, you know.

But lunch made everything better. It really did. I went out for pho with a bunch of friends, and there’s nothing like good food and good conversation to mentally right you again.

And Peddy, I freaking love you. You and Janega. You, Janega, and your constant bantering.  

Note to self: 8 more bubbleteas before you get a free one! Haha. These Asian tendencies are going to stick with me for the rest of my life.