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Some Good Friday Love, Yo. ♥

March 21, 2008

It’s finally Easter weekend! And to that, all I have to say is “Yabadabadooooooooo” (Yes, that was a Yogi Bear reference, and yes, I loved Yogi Bear as a little kid. XD).

Anywho, for some odd reason, I feel compelled to write a post. And NO, it isn’t a pointlessly-written post, as this time, I have a plan! Not a very good plan, but a plan nonetheless. XD Heeeeeheeeee.

As of late, pinkandsparkly and I have been ridiculously addicted to Akanishi Jin. Yes, I’m aware that the two of us are also going through a Xiah Junsu, I  ♥  you phase, but who says you can’t have two loves at once?! 😉

I won’t give too many deets on Jin himself right now, since we’re planning on doing a spazzy pimp post on him (look out for that, btw!), but I will pimp about the idol group he’s a part of. Or more specifically, I’ll be pimping about the show he and his idol group host. And for this post, Akanishi Jin won’t be the star. XD

So, ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for Cartoon Kat-tun (LOOK MA! THE TITLE SORTA RHYMES! XD).

More like a talk show, save for the excessive spazziness that few can handle except those just as spazzy in real life (haha, canned ice), the boys of the jpop group Kat-tun are HILARIOUS. Absolutely hilarious. I actually get stomach cramps from watching, which causes me to get an embarrassingly high number of odd and relatively disgruntled looks my way. Too which I give a “bugger off” look, because a) I’m not in a library and b) I’m not about to let anything take away from my fun. So, BAH! XD

Before coming on to the show, invited celebrities will fill out a questionnaire consisting of 100 random “getting-to-know-you”-type questions, and omigrapes, some of the responses are absolutely hilarious. During the show, the questions and answers will scroll across the page and members of Kat-tun will make a motion when they want to discuss a question more-in-depthly (I think I just made up a word. Thank grapes for hyphens. XD). And, as per usual, hilarity and good amounts of spazziness ensue. Hehe. The boys are also totally adorable together, and they look and act completely different from each other (you have the “tough gangsta”-type who acts anything but, the androgynous character who look’s so much like a girl but proclaims he’s a guy, leadersshi who talks non-stop and can’t draw to save his life, the cute boy-next-door who’s actually the oldest but looks like the youngest, the self-proclaimed hottie who’s really quite hot, and … the other one whom I’ve not yet determined a name for), so it’s quite easy to distinguish one from the other. PLUS, although they’re pretty much an idol group, they’re allowed to shoot their mouths off on this show, so unlike DBSK, they say generally idiotic things all the time at times. Which I find totally endearing. <333333

My personal fave interviews are actually the one with Horikita Maki (of Nobuta wo Produce and the japanese version of Hana Kimi fame) and the one with Shoko Nakagawa (Anime girl to the rescue! She’s such an adorable nerd. I definitely have to pimp her out one day. XD). The links, btw, will bring you to the first video (as the subbed shows are separated into sets of three), but the other videos should be listed in the related videos section.  

And this brings me to Horikita Maki, who I am so definitely girlcrushing on right now, seeing as she’s in one of my favourite dramas ever: Nobuta wo Produce. So GOOD. I haven’t pimped about that show enough on my blog, so yes, you’re getting an excess amount of shamless advertising today. XD

In Nobuta wo Produce

Totally kawaii and so genuine on-screen, it’s so hard to dislike this girl. She has that awesome almightly ability to completely take on any character she’s given, hence her freaky talent of acting as a loner chick in NwP and as a girl-who’s-really-a-guy-and-who-likes-her-roomate-heaps in Hana Kimi (which I was unable to finish, although I find her too kyuuuuuute for words. XD). Plus, from Cartoon Kat-tun, she seems genuinely normal and ordinary for a famous actress, seeing as on her off days, she does nothing but sleep and think. And, she cries when she has difficulty putting on toilet covers. How righteous! XD So yes, if you’re reading this post, you should definitely check her out, or at least, check out the shows she’s generally more famous for.

Maki in all her glory. ❤

Also, Shoko Nakagawa is a total sweetie. Her voice gets on my nerves (it’s ridiculously high-pitched for any level of comfort. Almost as bad as that of the girl who interviewed DBSK.), but omigrapes, I’ve never seen a girl act so … nerdy on a show before. It’s evident that she LOVES anime, and although I’m the opposite (I like some, but not quite all. Actually, I don’t really DO anime, so … XD), I find that so cool. I mean, here’s a girl who’s not afraid to break stereotypes on-screen and in her public life, and who doesn’t admire anyone who does that? Plus, she pwns the boys at anime. PWNS PWNS PWNS. You go girl!

And apparently, she’s a blogger maniac too, which is rather fantastic, as I’m totally addicted to all things blogging, so I totally identify. However, she err … brings her blog to a whole new level, as I think she adds blog entries every hour on the hour. Apparently, on January 28, 2006, she had 70 blog entries alone … !!! RIGHTEOUS. XDDD I wish I could do that, but … lol, I have school. And my mobile device is currently … non-existent. (No joke, I still don’t have a cellphone in a society of cellphone users. Which I’m totally fine with. No pressure on my parents whatsoever to get a cellphone … XDDD). But yes, Shoko Nakagawa is SO admirable and a total cutie, too!


I’ve also been listening to Ti Amo by Arron of Fahrenheit, featuring Jade Liu (Liu Li Yang). Gooooood song. Arron is, by far, my fave member of Fahrenheit, not completely for his looks (definitely a cute guy, as opposed to a hot guy, which I dig vair vair much), but definitely for his awesome voice! Out of all the members in said group, imo, he has the most potentially vocally (not that he has a great deal of competition lol). Actually, a lot of Fahrenheit’s songs are cringe-worthy and so much fun to criticize, but apart from a few rough and slightly off-key high notes from Arron (which have induced ear-rubbing and convulsions XD), his voice is generally controlled and total ear candy in this particular duet. Jade Liu’s voice is total and generally, so much win. It’s quite husky, yet retains a very-evident femininity. And the harmonizations between she and Arron are PURE LOVE, and make angels dance in heaven. XD Plus, I’m totally in love with the chorus, which includes the phrase “I Love You” in four languages : Italian (Ti Amo), Spanish (Te Quiero), Korean (Saranghae) and English (I love you), and cripes, Jade has amazing pronounciation! Of course, she’s singing really short phrases, but DBSK fudges up the shortest of English phrases and the longest of English phrases (I LOL at their English in purple line, which is rather indistinguishable at points. XD), so kudos to her anyhow. Check out le VERY sweet mv here (soooo nice! I totally LOVE hearts, so … I really like this mv. And I love the shots management’s decided to put in the mv – ordinary, yet so profound)!

It’s as if they’re saying: You can find love anywhere! Heeeeeeee. How true. ♥ (And omigrapes, that was a sappy ending to this post. I SWEAR, I wasn’t aiming to do that in any way, shape OR form.)

And, have an AMAZING Easter, yes?!