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Choikang Changmin’s Dying Cats. ♥

March 11, 2008

Changmin = so much ♥ in this clip. I’ve never laughed SO HARD while watching a DBSK perf, just because they haven’t really given me reason to, but Changming, you complete me. Seriously.

That boy is pure gold at improvising and throwing random noises out just for kicks. And he definitely sounded like a (or a multitude) of dying cat(s). Actually, I think dying cats would’ve been more pleasing to the ear than he was. ❤ I can totally imagine the biggest smirk on his face after singing that note (but the retarded camera totally panned towards Jae’s face instead >.<).

And, just on a random note, I’m SO GLAD Jaejoong’s hair no longer looks like that. So Glad.

The full vid:


Insa Tonight. ♥

March 6, 2008

Edit: Download Insa and Tonight before reading this post. 🙂 Thanks, sweets.

Hey, my lovelies! ♥

I’m at school right now, and I’ve decided to fawn over DBSK some more during my academic prep period (a.k.a. spare) rather than um … work. LOL. I’m really academically- inclined, aren’t I? 😉

Anyhow, I’ve been listening to Jaejoong’s solo of “Insa”, as well as DBSK’s “Tonight”, and oh em geeeeee, I am so in love with these two songs. They are so much love that I’m probably going to listen to them a ridiculous amount tonight. So much love that angels in heaven must stop their harp-playing whenever they hear it; so much love that fairies must  stop flapping their ridiculous wings and spraying their fairy dust everywhere; so much love that Rumpelstiltskin wouldn’t dare steal another child after listening to these two songs in succession (Kay, you caught me. I just wanted an excuse to use “Rumpelstiltskin” in my story. Loser tendencies, BE STILL.). Heeeee.

First, Insa. The beginning piano interlude is absolutely gorgeous. (Is that him playing? Someone, enlighten me please! And then, do be a darling and send me the score so I can play it nonstop and annoy the hell out of my siblings). I actually like his version much better than that by the Dong Bang boys, possibly because I feel his voice is most suited for this type of ballad. With this type of song, he’s able to convey his emotions extremely well and so very clearly, which is excellent for him, as for such a consistent singer like him (where his voice sounds the same in almost every single song), I find it difficult to pick up on whatever feelings he may be trying to express to the listener. And, as a singer, that is the last thing you want to happen – where the audience is unable to identify with you and the song. Of course, one can argue against this by saying that a song is essentially art, transcending mere lyrics, and that each listener may grasp a different emotion from the music, which makes it that much more personal. Nonetheless, it is through his or her own interpretation of the song that a singer can really make the song his own work of art, and to have the listener understand exactly what he or she is trying to communicate is half the fun and entirely the point, I believe. If an audience member came up to me after my live performance of a particular song and proceeded to elaborate upon the emotions he felt during the performance, I’d feel so accomplished and joyful if the emotions he felt mirrored mine exactly. It essentially establishes that connection between you and your audience, and if you’ve at least reached out to one individual and made them feel what you feel, you’ve succeeded in your goal; you’ve nurtured that newborn relationship between you and that particular member of the audience. What a beautiful thought.

I digress once again, though.  

Anyway, although I understood not one word of the song (except for possibly “fly away”, but with these boys, I never actually know if the word I’m hearing is the errrm … correct interpretation of the word? Really, if they need someone to assist them with their English pronounciation, pinkandsparkly and I freely offer our services!!! Nevermind the fact that we live on completely different continents. That’s completely besides the point. =P And Nanshi, you too, maybe?) , I felt so … sad. To the point of tears. And there are very few songs out there that have been the cause of my tears. Call me cold-blooded, call me downright odd and so … out there, but I don’t cry very easily in situations that don’t involve mes parents (or any parent-figure for that matter) or the other members of my family. Really, the only parts in Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese dramas that I’ve cried at involve the miscommunication between family members (especially innocent parents and their evil spawn or evil parents and innocent spawn) and the subsequent pain that results. I, however, am unable to cry when a character’s lover dies, or when … anything horrible happens between the main lovers of a drama, in fact. Yeah, weird, I know.

I can’t even cry at my graduations. I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I won’t be crying at prom this year. And that I’ll be the only one to not cry.

… In fact, I’m usually the only one trying to force myself to cry …

How pathetic. LOL.

I digress though. Like always.

Really, the point is, Jaejoong emoted so well (which reminds me – must look up “emote” and see if it really is a verb), and I can’t always say that for him, so kudos to him. Also, it was SO INSANELY BEAUTIFUL (uh huh, that’s right. I brought out ALL THREE FONT STYLES.) when he sang “Fly Away”. I wanted to CRY when he started singing that section. And then the orchestra picked up and increased in volume.

And I died.


It was THAT GOOD. That’s right. You want to listen to it RIGHT NOW, don’t you? I’ll upload it in my next post, because everyone DBSK fangirl should have a copy of this song. Really. It’s a shame if you don’t. (AND DOWNLOAD “LOVE IN THE ICE”. IF YOU DON’T, I’LL COME HUNT YOU DOWN AND COMMIT MULTIPLE UNSPEAKABLE ACTS AGAINST YOU, SUCH AS COVERING YOUR BED AND CLOTHES IN KETCHUP.)

… I’m really a juvenile person. Sorry. =D

And then “Tonight”. I absolutely adore Junsu’s starting notes. He sings this long succession of notes (so hard to describe), essentially, but he does it so beautifully, effortlessly going up and down subsequent notes and making it an orgasmically perfect start to the song. And I’m not sure who hums after him (horrible with identifying voices. My bad.), but it’s also really nice. I have the sneaking suspicion it’s Jaejoong, but then again, I also think it could be Micky because I am that bad with voices.

Junsu’s absolutely amazing at these filler notes, where he’s essentially not singing any particular word/s, per se, but instead sings these long, gorgeous-sounding, full notes that I . CAN’T . GET . ENOUGH . OF . He does it in every song, where these notes sound totally improvised, but just so right, that it’d be so unfortunate and so wrong if they removed it from the song. He can go up and down scales so effortlessly using solely his voice, and then he’ll sing these long, pure notes that are so ridiculously high, you want to steal his voice and place it in a box that sings to you (errr … lol … radio?). I’m going incoherent just listening to his voice, especially in “Tonight”.

I really could go on and on and on and on about each of the boys’ voices, and then go on and on and on and on about the special effects and mixes in each song. But I won’t, as I’ve written more than 1000 words about two songs already. Ha.

I should limit my 1000-word spazzes to once a month. Heeee.

I love beautiful music. It puts me in this insanely happy mood that I can’t get rid of, and it’s such a good feeling, I never want it to go away. Heeee.


February 14, 2008

Ha. Hmmm. Okay.

Tomorrow’s ♥ Day. Lovely. Though I’ll be spending it in solitude, I pretty much don’t care. As retarded as this sounds, I’ll buy myself a box of chocolates, download some sappy music (read: Savage Garden-esque), put DBSK’s “Love in the Ice” on repeat (kay, maybe I should offer my english services to SM entertainment, cos what exactly does “Love in the Ice” mean? Someone, please, enlighten me.), and spend Couple’s Day all by myself. I’ll just love myself.

I really sound like an old fart/hermit type thing right now, don’t I?

In which case, do let me discuss DBSK’s “Love in the Ice” in detail. And I shall refer you to the lovely nanshi, who I’ll eventually get back for getting me ridiculously hooked to this amazing single.

Really, words won’t even come close to describing my feelings for this song. The boys have brought so much to the table in performing this song. Really. And in performance, I’m referring to the Soul Power at Tokyo Summit one.

Yes. Google it now. THAT ONE.

Watch it, and I swear you will most definitely melt into a great big puddle of goo. Or dissolve into nothingness. Or burst into tears, like I almost did. Why?

Because they’re just so good. Omigod. Really, they are. AHFDSFHK.

First, Jae. Oh, Joongie. (Wow. I feel like a retard for using that endearing … name – if you can even call it that – to refer to him.) You complete me. (Okay. Now, I feel like scrapping this entire entry, just because it’s absolute mush already. And I’m not even close to being done.) I remember him, at some point, saying he wanted to improve on the emotional aspect of his singing. I believe he then referred to Junsu, saying how Junsu had an advantage in the sense that he knew exactly how to convey his emotions through his singing. (Kay, I’m not sure if what I just wrote is true, or if I’m creating my own reality right now. Which is totally okay. I’m fine with that.)

Um. I think with this ONE performance, Jae has reached his freaking goal. My boy emoted so well, it was amazing. I wanted to cry just watching his facial expressions. I mean, sure, he looked constipated at certain points, but really, if that’s how he expresses his feelings, I am so fine with that. SO FINE. It’s just that … his emotions were seriously INTERTWINED with his voice. When he wailed out the lyrics, I could feel a clamp on my heart, and despite the fact that there was an obvious language barrier, I could feel everything Jae was feeling. And that’s what makes a singer amazing.

Omg. I’ve just become a real, honest-to-God fangirl, haven’t I?

And Yunho. *cries* I’ve never actually heard his voice. I still can’t tell the difference between his and Yoochun’s voices (which could be mainly due to the fact that I’m absolutely TERRIBLE in differentiating voices in a group, unless there is an obvious gender difference, or an evident distinction due to puberty coughJunsucough). That’s why youtube is seriously saving my life with their performance videos, as now, I’ve pretty much memorized who sings what in the song.

So, Yunho is absolute mindblowingly, orgasmically fantastic at harmony. That’s how much I love his harmony and deep voice. And turning his mic up during the performance so he could actually be heard, rather than blend in, totally helped. I mean, the boy’s basically known as the leader of the group, and a good dancer, … but a singer … ? That coupled with the fact that no one can ever hear his freaking voice is enough to label him as the *worst singer in DBSK*.

To all that, I say whatever. Yeah, just listen to this performance. And be at the mercy of his beautiful, beautiful voice. Because, omg, he has the type of voice that goes with everything and anything and it is so wonderful, I want to cry, because he’s improved to the point that I can’t even put together a proper sentence, because I’m so proud of him (look, Ma, at least I put some freaking commas in). And he has a really powerful voice too. No joke. I mean, when he sings “Don’t be afraid”, he really kills that line (kills, as in totally pwns, as in he OWNS this line = the good connotation of “kills” basically). It’s amazing, he’s amazing, DBSK’s amazing, and so’s Micky Yoochun.

OMG. Tell me Yoochun’s high note during Junsu’s solo is not absolutely AMAZING (I’ve run out of adjectives to use, so um, read my level of excitement through my use of italics and bold-type font and CAPITALS). I basically almost pulled the headphones away from my head the first time I heard it, put on a disgusted face the second time, and almost died from happiness and giddiness and pure joy the third time. (Yes, I know yoochun looks like a monkey while hitting this note, but whatevs, we can totally excuse him, just cos his voice is pure heaven.) Chunnie (omg. there I go again) has an amazingly powerful, deep, sexy, rawr voice while singing this song. And I love him for it. I really do.

And JUNSU. His voice is amazing. I will always maintain this. Unique, but amazing. And his solo is ABSOLUTE LOVE, especially when you physically SEE him singing it, because, it’s just, blardy fantastic and so fitting. I could recognize his voice anywhere, and for that, I thank puberty. I really do. (I’msuchafreakIknow).

Changmin’s growing up, too! Granted, he wasn’t given that many singing parts in this song, but whatevs, I say. He looks like a man, he acts like a man, and one day, he’ll totally be able to control his voice perfectly. DBSK is sooooooo the perfect group for him. FO SHO.

Alright, I’ve almost written 1000 words on this song, so um, go listen to it right now, and leave me a comment. (Don’t worry. I won’t be offended if you don’t) But lemme know what you think, cos the song is SO TOTALLY GOOD ENOUGH to be commented on.