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DBSK’s Horizon Dance. ♥

May 26, 2008

Credit: Mickytoho @ Youtube (I LOVE this girl; she uploads so much great and fun-to-watch DBSK-related goodies with an emphasis (of course!) on Micky. Plus, she translates and subs too, which deserves an ILUSMPLZMARRYME plea! XDD Do drop by and subscribe to her/drop her a line of thanks!)   

ROFLMAO. Nuff said.

Anyhow, I sense a new dance wave coming over Korea, as I imagine Casseiopeans make up more than half the population of Korea and as a result, will gleefully dance like so everywhere, because they want to be just like their oppas. *heaves a massive sigh* 

Although I love my Dong Bang boys, this dance is so =.=”””” and headbanging-inducing. And do the boys not look like the biggest dorks while moving from side to side? Yes, yes they do. But I love me some dorks, so BRING ON THE DORKY MOVES, I say.

Anyhow, I’ve read somewhere that this is a dance routine found solely during the group’s dance rehearsals/practices, which fills me with great joy, because just look at the head-swinging and the butt-waving and their legs moving from side to side and Jae failing in the back (he’s not obviously failing or anything to that extent, but he always seems … a little slower than the rest). ILUSM JAEJOONG.    

If you can’t watch the video, I’ll try to recap, but do keep in mind that I’m COMPLETELY fail at dancing and that I can’t describe to save my life. 

Anyhow, the vid starts off with the boys talking, and at 00:45, Changmin slowly and reluctantly gets up to demonstrate a certain ingenious dance move (invented by the one and only Monkey boy Micky Yoochun) the Dong Bang boys have been practicing during their rehearsals. And so, at 00:49, the MADNESS BEGINS! 

To imitate, begin by standing up straight with your legs together and your arms spread out and parallel to the ground. Then, when the music begins, leave one leg vertical (say, your left) and kick the other leg (your right) out to the right (so that it’s diagonal). Immediately after, bring your right leg back so that it’s vertical, and kick your left leg out to the left. Meanwhile, swing your head from side to side, so that you’re always facing the same direction as the leg being kicked out to the side. To perfect this move, ensure your arms are always spread out to your sides and left parallel to the ground, and ensure that you’re knees are bent, so as to allow for maximum butt-twisting.

You got that?

Excellent. You’re now ready to dance the night away, record yourselves and upload your vids onto Youtube and other video-hosting sites so as to contribute to the new dance movement that this is bound to start up.

And all I can say to that is … DORKS FTW, YO.


I Fail at Going on Hiatus.

May 25, 2008

Oh maaaaaaaan, I am the ultimate fail when it comes to going on hiatus. *headdesk*


Anyway, it appears that I’m back forever, because I got over the rumours the day after I wrote my “Hiatus FORREALZZZZ” post. *faints*

Anyway, you wanna see the ultimate narcissistic/attention-whorish/fail at English individual whom I love like vair vair much? Go under the cut, mate.

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Jaejoong – the Mother Duck ♥ Junsu – the GOOD Christian Boy

May 5, 2008

[Credits go to: saccherina @ Youtube] ♥

EDIT: Eng subs to the praying video can be found here. AND GO SUBSCRIBE TO shinyflowers; she’s uploaded loads of DBSK goodies!

Erm, I fail at life. I’ve broken my hiatus already. =.= ””

But yes, the above video was too cute not to share. Jaejoong’s such a mother; it makes me ashamed of myself, as I can already imagine the sufferings, the torture, the PAIN my future children will go through. XD

And be sure to pause the video at 2:50 … !!! DO YOU NOT NOTICE JUNSU PRAYING?! ZOMG, THAT MAKES MY DAY.

Christian boys FTW, yo!




Anycall Haptic CFs!

May 1, 2008



ZOMG, I love these. They’re ridiculously adorable, and I’m a shipper for all things cute, so … I’m all for these three couples.

*gets bitten by rabid fangirls*

*gets strangled by candytrain*

*gets shot by the lovely girls at Shenyuepop forums*


I’ve realized that I haven’t yet complimented Micky at anything (oooh, except his Love in the Ice perf, which you should check out here, because his high note is absolutely breathtaking and heart attack-inducing. It’s lovely. <3), but ummm, he’s got terrible hair in the CFs. TERRIBLE HAIR. GO CUT IT NOW, MICKY YOOCHUN PARK.  

Okay, so thoughts on these vids:

30-second CF:

The music’s great. I’ll admit, it’s probably SNSD singing, but if you’re a regular reader of my blog, I’m actually a fan of some of them. They’re voices aren’t the strongest, per se, and they shake something awful during live performances, but the majority of the girls have got magnetic personalities (errr, Soo young, anybody?! XD), which is really appealing when your vocal talents aren’t stellar.

00:05 to 00:07 is GREAT. LOL, Yoona looked really really REALLY pissed off when Micky poked her cheek. Which I can totally identify with, since I’d probably knock him out if he ever did that to me. (Zomg, who am I even kidding?!?!? I’d have heart palpitations + a stroke if MICKY YOOCHUN FROM DBSK EVER POKED MY CHEEK. It’d be like heaven on earth. XD) But yes, out of all the couples, I think I’ll be shipping the Yoochun (XD You don’t even have to change Micky’s or Yoona’s names to combine the two) couple the strongest, because it’s a … plausible relationship. And I think Yoona’s cute, and I’d extol her more, if not for her face being frigging omniscient and you know, EVERYWHERE. Zomg.

The elevator scene was great. Actually, funnily enough, because I’m an odd person and totally don’t deserve to be a DBSK fan (XD), it was the largeness of the elevator that first caught my eye. Nope, not even the Dong Bang Boys were attractive enough to detract from my fascination with this elevator. I mean, LOOK AT HOW BIG IT IS … !!! The elevators I’m used to … aren’t exactly roomy, per se. Actually, they have the abilitiy to make someone claustrophobic, EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT CLAUSTROPHOBIC TO START WITH. How insane is THAT.

*Ahem* But yes, big elevators are great.

LOL at Yunho grabbing Changmin by the waist and Jaejoong becoming what looks like a hunched-over hermit when the elevator suddenly stops. Oh man, beating on these boys is amusing. XD (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THEM. I just prefer making fun of them rather than, idk, drooling over them. It’s my way of showing affection – kinda like the boys in elementary school who show their love by making fun of girls. x______x XD)

But I digress.

I’ve said it once, I’m gonna say it again. Yoochun and Yoona make a fantastic couple. Cute stuff.

Changmin and Jessica, on the other hand, aren’t two I would’ve put together in the first place, but for some odd, inexplicable reason, they work … ? (Candytrain, don’t hate me. Please. <3) I mean, I probably won’t ship them, because Jessica seems more like a SISTER or MUM to Changmin, but it’s cute. I love how one of their first scenes together has them looking at PICTURES OF JESSICA. Yay for narcissm. ❤ XD

OMG *BRAIN/HEART EXPLOSION* YOOCHUN PUT YOONA’S HAND TO HIS HEART (err, well, the general area of his heart. Actually your heart is found between the two lobes of your lungs, which makes it more central left, rather than the LEFT SIDE OF YOUR BODY, but the message is clear. XDDDD) … !!! She looks so awkward, I love it. Micky Yoochun, stop scaring people. Especially your lover. Not the way to go, boy.

I love seeing Yunho cook barbecue. It is SO attractive, mainly because I fail at all things involving spatulas, pots, pans, FOOD, brooms, dishes, mops, toilets. Yes, it’s terrible. I LOVE eating, but I can’t even make a proper meal without unintentionally poisoning the eater (err … consumer?), so it’s unfortunate. OMG, he wasn’t barbecuing! *bashes head against desk to rid self of blindness and insanity* I’m seriously LOL-ing hardcore at myself right now, because he was actually PLAYING A GAME WITH TIFFANY! XDDDD *flails arms because she fails at life*

But I digress.

Tiffany needs to stop saying “Awww, wooowww, awwww” and making odd noises. But she’s too pretty, so I can’t exactly hate her.

Errrm … she’s looking at a picture of Jae on her phone, right? OMG, SHE LOOKS SO CUTE SMILING AND WAVING AT THE CAMERA. AND OMG I’m doing a terrible job of disliking her. I wish I had a cellphone I could wave at. Unfortunately though, my family’s stuck in the technological Stone Age, which is terrible for my social life.

I love how, when we return to the elevator, MICKY’S NO LONGER THERE. XDDD He’s hiding in the far left corner of the elevator, but LOL, I actually forgot he was part of the commercial because I couldn’t see him. XDDD

Errrm, I don’t like Changmin’s elevator outfit. It makes his torso look really short, bringing back memories of Henry’s terrible Mario pants. *shudders*

Okay, the escalator … is so unneeded. I mean, WHY ARE THEY EVEN DANCING ON AN ESCALATOR?! This commercial is ridiculously jumpy and broken up.

JUNSU, I KINDA SORTA REALLY LOVE YOU AND YOUR CAMEOS. Seriously, he pops in out of NOWHERE with an umbrella (?) and points at something we, as the viewers, can’t see. And he looks like such a duck, especially with that hair. XD

Hmmm, do I sense awkward tension between Jae and Yunho at the end?! Oh, that is SO MUCH LOVE. Yay for drama in 30-second commericals! But yes, Jae gives killer evil stares – if looks could kill, someone in that elevator would be dead. Immediately. Burned to a crisp, or something of that extent.

I LOVE HOW THE COMMERCIAL ENDS. THOSE ARE GREAT MODEL POSES, YO. And I kind of want to jump into the screen and pose with Changmin because seriously, he’d make a kick-butt model.

15-Second CF:

LOL, from the first scene, I was rofl-ing like crazy.

Junsu makes another random appearance, where he’s seen waiting for the elevator with the oddest expression on his face (it channels one of those greasy gangsters who thinks he’s all that as he stands there picking on some poor individual who’s peed his pants. AND, he looks a bit like the man promoting Lifestyle condoms on those bus ads THAT I’M SUBJECTED TO EVERYDAY. It’s horrifying). Actually, at first, I thought he was waiting for his turn in the washroom, because I saw a sign with the faceless boy/girl on it (you know, the ones on the doors of the washrooms), but I TOTALLY MISSED THE ARROWS POINTING UP AND DOWN. I’m such a failure, it’s almost ridiculous.

Jae has really broad shoulders. And he looks excellent in plaid. I kinda want to take him home with me, plunk him in my bed and keep him there forever. AWAY FROM ALL THOSE CRAZY FANGIRLS. XD

GAH. FIJEARHFEFH Tiffany’s smile’s way too cute for her own good. I look like a fool when I smile, so imagine how envious I must be.

The answer is VERY.

I’m going to refrain from commenting on the let’s-show-them-on-the-verge-of-making-out-but-not- completely-making-out-because-we-want-to-keep-this-PG-and-refrain-from-aggravating-fangirls-and-fanboys-any-more-than-necessary-which-could-result-in-narsty-legal-situations-such-as-lawsuits-due-to-heart-attacks-and-strokes-brought-on-by-this-CF, because candytrain must be on the verge of collapsing. *pats her on the head and chucks Jessica out the window, because canned ice cream (XD) is obviously cooler and MUCH more compatible*  

Oh wow, another 1000+ post.



What Do You Call a Fish with No Eyes?

April 28, 2008


Hardee har har.

My eight-year-old sister’s been infatuated with her joke book lately, and as a result, I’ve been subjected to countless terrible jokes.

Yes, that’s how pathetic my life is.

Anyhow, I’ve been finding it tough to stay motivated for exam studying. Actually, it’s pretty much non-existent right now, since I can’t seem to muster up the energy to crack open my books and well, read them? Yes, I’m mucho fail at life.

Choosing a university program is also giving me a headache too, seeing as I’ve no clue what’s right for me. I’m most likely going into chartered accountancy, WHICH ISN’T A BAD THING AT ALL, although I’m motivated to become an accountant for all the wrong reasons. Quel horrible.


Anyway, I’ve been youtubing like mad as per usual lately and I’ve favourited lots of goodies, so be sure to check out my blog in three weeks for a video-heavy post! DBSK is so mega-addictive on youtube; it’s doing terrible things to my social life and my ability to string together a coherent sentence.

But, because I don’t feel like ending this post without at least posting ONE video, I shall present you with … THIS:

HAMBAGAH! Hambagah, yo!

Omigod, I love it when celebrities fail as much as I do; it gives me an oh-so-lovely warm feeling inside.



Just this boy’s. XDDD


JaeJoong’s Smile. ♥

March 27, 2008

[Credit: anylia @ Youtube]

Omigrapes, is that NOT the prettiest smile you’ve EVER seen?!

I don’t understand why this boy constantly hides his smile behind his hand, when it’s so beautiful … !!! I mean, first off, his teeth are so bloody white.


I wish my teeth were that white. Bad sadly, having had braces for (only) 9 months has tarnished them and made them a rather putrid colour.

Secondly, HE’S GOT A DIMPLE … !!! Fangirls everywhere, rejoice!!!! 

And I seriously want to grab his cheeks and give them a squeeze. Because I’m cool like that. XD

Aish, first Junsu sleeping. Now, Jaejoong’s smile.

Cuteness overload.  ♥


This is quite a pointless post. XD

March 14, 2008

Aish. School starts in two days, and I’m slightly apprehensive for its start, as I’ve yet to finish craploads of homework.


I’m such a procrastinator, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to reform myself, which is rather unfortunate, as I want to be the head of some multicorporation one day.


But yes, the stress factor has totally gone up here. Actually, it’s jumped so high that the fire alarm will soon be set off by my spontaneously combusting, which in turn, will totally melt the harddrive of my already-busted computer (which, after one year of use, has not yet been attacked by a virus. Thank you, thank you, I’m amazing. XD).

Anyway, moving on to happier subjects. XD

As all four of my readers may have noticed, I’ve changed my layout … !!!! (Thanks candychu for your very nice comment. You’re an absolute darling. :)) For the record, I’ve no clue what I did, really. I used to change my livejournal layouts like a chameleon changes colour and like a snake sheds skin, so I figured it was time I jazzed things up with the appearance of my wordpress blog, which, btw, was totally boring me to death. And yes, the image header is most definitely from the lovely j-drama, Nobuta wo Produce, which I’ve been shamelessly promoting on everyone else’s blog, but my own. I’m really quite unashamed though – it must be the 10% asian in me and the 90% something else. (I haven’t quite decided where I belong. XD YAH, it’s all in my journey to self-actualization.)

And, woot, my seeds have begun germinating! This won’t mean anything to you if you’re not in my biology class, and I may seem like a freak right now, but I DON’T CARE, because my radish seeds are finally germinating! Hehe, I’m slightly impatient, as you may have noticed. XD  And I use “XD” a ridiculous amount. But, like I said, it’s all contributing to my goal of becoming self-actualized.  

Yes, anyhow, like I’ve aforementioned, this post is completely pointless, and only being written because I’ve nothing better to do (besides the four lab writeups, the some 100 ecology questions, the 11 English passages to analyze that I’ve on my list of things-to-do, but somehow, this is more exciting. I wonder why … ?), but I shall leave you with this gem (because I evidently don’t promote Youtube enough on this blog. XD).

Skip the following section if you’d like to save your eyes:




Yes, ahem, fangirly moment over. I shall attempt to grab a hold of myself. 😉

But, anyway, I’ve never really seen Junsu as being eye-candy. XD (Please contain yourselves. I will start praising him soon, I promise.) He’s always been, I’m sorry, the least good-looking out of all the members, concerning my personal preferences and what *I* personally look for in a guy celebrity. Which sounds like a terribly shallow thing to say, but I will get to the good stuff.

That is not to say that he isn’t adorable. What he doesn’t have in looks, he definitely makes up for in personality. Out of all the members, I find that he has the most dynamic personality, the most welcoming grin, and is probably the most appealing member after Jaejoong, but that’s because Jaejoong was the first member I was ever attracted to, so I’m incredibly biased. He’s completely date-able and from what I see on-camera (as if I’d ever be able to see him off-camera XD), he’d be perfect boyfriend material (or best friend material. I’ll take either!). Plus, can you even begin to imagine Junsu SERENADING to you?! That completely blows my mind (not only because it’ll never happen to me XDDD), but because it’d be oh-so-perfect (like dipping into a vat of delicious cream XD) and would be a possible scenario concerning my much-tooo-early demise. (Dude, I’d drop dead just seeing him in the flesh. Gah!).

But yes, it’s quite endearing seeing him wake up. Although it feels slightly like an invasion of privacy XDDDD, it’s nice seeing him act (somewhat) like a normal person, one evidently exhausted by his work – to the point where he grabs a couple winks here and there, no matter what position he’s in. Of course, immediately after noticing the camera, it was evident that he put on his on-camera personality again, but still, it was nice seeing the somewhat real, albeit asleep, Xiah Junsu. And he was mucho adorable (so adorable, I think my heart stopped beating for a couple secs) when he was just sitting there, blinking and (Thank God!) not noticing the camera a foot away from his face. XDDD

For now, I’m simply going to state that my attraction to Junsu has grown slightly a whole lot stronger after seeing one clip of him waking up. But, really, as a fan, it’s nice to see this evidently, quite real side of him. Now, personally, he doesn’t seem so removed from the rest of society, but truly seems like a real, living, breathing human being (and not some mindless robot following LSM’s orders).

Nonetheless, although I’m aware that tis the life of  a celebrity and his camera-man, I still feel like I’m intruding on his privacy by watching this clip. I mean, the poor boy evidently wanted a nap, and I dunno about you, but I definitely can’t sleep if a camera’s trained on me. Actually, just last weekend at my church’s sleepover, as I was dropping off to sleep, I felt something staring at me, and when I opened my eyes, there was my friend’s FLESLFHLHF camera lens right in my face. It was slightly disturbing (wow! My one minute of fame. XD), and resulted in a really awkward moment between my friend and I, which was quickly overcome by my consenting to having my unattractive picture taken. Still, from that one incident, I feel (or maybe I’m deluding myself into feeling) like I can identify with not just Junsu’s, but any celebrity’s, inhibition and lack of privacy. I’m completely aware that this is what celebrities and public figures have to put up with, but to not even be able to take a private nap without a camera totally in your face is just wrong in my reality. That said, I realize how completely hypocritical I’m being in publicizing this clip on my blog. But, really, I’ve provided both sides to some sort of argument (I really, actually, don’t know what or why I’m even arguing. XD), and this clip is honestly going to be publicized, no matter what I write.

But, Mr. Junsu, you really are quite ze cutie.