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May 21, 2008
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U-Know Yunho and Kim Hee Chul mistaken as couple

DBSK leader U-Know Yunho revealed recently that he broke up with his girlfriend because of Kim Hee Chul from Super Junior.

In a recent episode of SBS “Star Show” program, U-Know revealed that he had a girlfriend during his trainee days. But he proceeded by saying, “But because of Hee Chul hyung, we had a misunderstanding and eventually parted.”

“There was once when my girlfriend spotted me and Kim Hee Chul at a coffee joint and thought that I was cheating on her. Things just got from bad to worse and we eventually broke up.”

Yunho explained further, “Hee Chul hyung had long hair at that time and when I am always with him, he would always wear a pink jacket. I tried to explain many times that it was Hee Chul hyung, but she didn’t believe me and we parted.”


As usual, this cracked-up catlover never fails to make me laugh.

And what’s even funnier is that this situation is SO PLAUSIBLE. XDDDDD

… I must do a pimp post on Heechul one day. Except, just one pimp post most definitely won’t be enough. This boy requires CONSTANT PIMPAGE.