Sydney in Love!

March 8, 2009

Credits go to Janchung @ Youtube

Woohooooooo, it’s out … !!! Out of everything I’ve been looking forward to in the past few weeks, this one tops the list!

…. Which might have something to do with the fact that I’d LOVE to honeymoon in Sydney (or Australia, in general), and that I think that Australia’s actually one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. Yeah, so mebbe I’m a bit biased … ?

In any case, I really wanted to see how the main actress and actor would work around the 8-year age gap. Would it be awkward? Well, it’s been done SO many times before, if it were still awkward, I would’ve actually thrown my shoe at my laptop. I mean, srsly. If Koreans haven’t gotten it right by now, it’s high-time they did.

The focal song of the short is really quite lovely, as is Baek Sung Hyun. If anyone figures out who it is, lemme know, because I’m seriously going to youtube that artist like mad. And yes, this movie (as pathetic as what I’m going to say is going to sound) has actually caused me to reinvest hope in unrequited love and all that shit. So yeah, MAYBE I haven’t had my first kiss yet. And yeah, maybe it’s about time I did, since I’m eighteen. But, you know, I figure that if I want my first kiss to be really really special, then I’d better do it with someone really really special. Like Baek Sung Hyun. And as of yet, that particular individual has been eluding me. =.=

In any case, watch this movie! Since it’s only 7 minutes long, you’ve really no excuse to, because if you don’t invest those 7 minutes in this movie, I know you’re going to spend it procrastinating on some other random site (like FML – omg, biggest waste of time ever, but hella funnnyyyyy). ;P

And, just to make this post even MORE random:


Hehehehehe. Sorrryyy, it just HAD to be done.
… It was BEGGING to be done. xP


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