Thinking, thinking, thinking …

March 3, 2009

I think this is it, guys. I actually think I’m going to get back into blogging. YES.

Anyway, haven’t completely decided whether I’m gonna stick with wordpress, but I feel like posting here now. I have like, no friends on Livejournal, so it makes it difficult to find the incentive to post, cos no one’ll comment. :'((((( But be forewarned that password-protected posts (a.k.a. posts pertaining to the most private aspects of my personal life) will be found on my livejournal, which is Friends Only. Sorry, babes, but this I gotta do. Don’t want stalkers and pervies hitting up on my non-existent love life and all that.

Okay, so last week was the most stressful week of university YET. No joke. I had three midterms and four freakass assignments due in the span of five days. I was ready to throw myself off a cliff (… or well, a very high building, because there be no cliffs in close proximity to where I am. And if I were to throw myself off a cliff, I’d rather not put too much effort into finding a cliff. xP). And I got my calc midterm mark back this week and IT IS SO BAD. I’ve never in my life gotten such a shitty mark. This was beyond shit, mates. This was of the exploding diarrhea kind. I didn’t fail … but it was pretty damn close. *faints*

Hmm, updates.

Well, let’s see. Friends are good. =) Thank gosh for rez life. If I weren’t living in rez, I don’t think I’d have much of a life because my ridiculous procrastinating has extended to all areas of my life, and I STILL haven’t gotten my driver’s license. University has been awesome in that it’s let me meet awesome people. And I’ll be living with some of these awesome people next year, which makes me SO happy. And which makes me a tad scared, seeing as I won’t be living with my parents anymore. Like, next year, it’s official. I’ll be living on my own. Of course, my parents are helping me to pay for rent and all, but it will all be paid back in due time. I’m thinking of it as me being indebted to my parents and that I’ll pay them back (sans interest) eventually.

… Rez food still sucks.


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