Miura Harumaaaaaaa!

October 19, 2008

Okay, so obviously, I’m a little behind on things.

Heyyyy man, I blame it on the atrocious amount of school work I have in first-year university. It’s UNIVERSITY. I should be out, having fun, enjoying my first stab at independence.

Nope. Instead, I spend my days finishing an assignment here, downloading a movie there, grabbing a bubbletea now and then, eating CONSTANTLY. Oh yes, and I get no sleep at all.

… My life is both pathetic and tragic. And it’s my own damn fault.

BUT, alas, I have found some Miura Haruma-related news to brighten up my day. And boooooyyyyyy, has it gotten sunnier already. Ignore the fact that it’s two in the morning, plz&thx. Blogging is my one vice, aight?

Apparently, this springhorse is starring in a new drama. And he’s the main character. Finaaaalllly, our Miura Haruma gets to be the MAN OF THE HOUR in Bloody Mary, where he singlehandedly fights off terrorism. (Hey, this probably isn’t true, but gimme this one chance to extol his virtues, alright? Like I haven’t been doing enough of it, already.)

In any case, if you’re looking for excellent recaps, Irugnotmis is summarizing it on her site here. Favourite her site. I dare youuuuu.

The show seems to be only six episodes long, and the title of the first episode (“Japan’s last day! The life of one person or the life of 40,000 people? The battle between the evil virus terrorists and the legendary genius hacker is finally starting tonight!”) is so long, it’s almost a turn-off in itself, but the premise seems interesting enough. Terrorism is a touchy issue all around, but people seem to be VERY interested in it, regardless. The key is to portray terrorism with enough tact and poise – to not go overboard with the drama until it almost seems ridiculously melodramatic, comical and unrealistic, but to have it strike a chord in viewers. Plus, the ethicality behind the show is an appealing factor – if you have the skills to defeat a terrorist and to save 40, 000 people in the process, why not? Or do you treasure your own private existence more?

In any case, I’m quite excited to start watching this show! Hopefully, Haruma is incentive enough to draw in viewers, but let’s not forget the significance of what’s being presented. Terrorism has affected the world in more ways than one, leaving behind broken, grieving individuals. And these individuals won’t easily forget those events that have transpired and changed their lives in the blink of an eye.



  1. yeppie! i never knew he was filming a new drama serial! i’m going to start watching it too! (:

  2. Watched it! It isn’t bad but it isn’t fantastic either. Miura can definitely act but sometimes his acting seems slightly off. But other than that, fellow miura fan, you would love his hotness XD XD.

  3. Mel

    Yayyy! I haven’t started it yet, on account of all this crap related to my education that I’ve been working on. Plus, not too much in the mood for this type of drama. But in any case, I’ll DEFINITELY be starting it soon – his face is just TOO pretty to resist. xP

    You’ve probably started it by now – how is it?! Lemme know, dahling. ❤


    SO sorry it took so long to moderate and approve your comment. I’m kinda … forgetful. xD

    Haha, I TOTALLY know what you mean by his acting being off. I felt he acted well in the three episodes of Gokusen that I watched, but I couldn’t help but laugh at his facial expressions. It was like there was a disconnect between his face and his acting, like he felt that he wasn’t acting in character enough, and so needed to overcompensate by making ridiculous facial expressions. Totally ruined the mood for me. xP

    But in any case, he’s matured a lot as an actor since then. There’s some … insincerity in his acting, I’ll admit, but that’s only to be expected from such a young kid. (Well, we’re the same age, but … irregardless, I’m gonna keep calling him a kid. xP)

    Thanks for the comment, dear! Hope to hear from you soon again. ❤

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