Jaejoong – the Mother Duck ♥ Junsu – the GOOD Christian Boy

May 5, 2008

[Credits go to: saccherina @ Youtube] ♥

EDIT: Eng subs to the praying video can be found here. AND GO SUBSCRIBE TO shinyflowers; she’s uploaded loads of DBSK goodies!

Erm, I fail at life. I’ve broken my hiatus already. =.= ””

But yes, the above video was too cute not to share. Jaejoong’s such a mother; it makes me ashamed of myself, as I can already imagine the sufferings, the torture, the PAIN my future children will go through. XD

And be sure to pause the video at 2:50 … !!! DO YOU NOT NOTICE JUNSU PRAYING?! ZOMG, THAT MAKES MY DAY.

Christian boys FTW, yo!






    What on earth are you doing!?!?!? THIS IS EXAM PERIOD FOR YOU, IS IT NOT?

    Actually I shouldn’t be talking. I have exams 2 wks from now, I havent started studying and I’m slightly behind in school work.

    Come on, let’s go be good girls and study together 😀 {so not gona happen but anyway 😛 …}


  2. I just spent six hours studying at the library. it was interspersed with reading and DS-playing… but I think it averaged to about 3 hrs.

    ANYWAYS: there’s a clip out there somewhere of Yunho praying before he eats too…. and that magical clip of Yunho praying before a performance. Now I just need to see Jae praying to make me really get tossed over the moon.

  3. Guh… I love motherly Jae. I have a weakness for motherly guys, maybe it’s because I’m such a tomboy. And Junsu *sigh* marry me plz. Now preferably. <33333

  4. Canned Perfume

    I studied, I studied! Just 6 more exam sections to go, so I’m halway through already! ^^

    And then I need to find a job … XD

    (OH MAN, I’m so motivated today to study! It’s a foreign, once-in-a-blue-moon kinda feeling.

    Nanshi, love!

    Three hours is STILL excellent. My attention span is wayyyy too short for me to get three hours of studying done a day; I probably average less than that on most school nights, just because sleep is … so much more exciting. XD

    I love it when celebrities who SAY they’re Christian, actually ACT like ones. And HOMG, it’d be AMAZING if Jae did that. Unfortunately, that narcisstic boy probably won’t ever.

    … Actually, I’m not sure if he’s even Christian. I mean, it says he is under his multiple profiles and what not (… I think), but I find it so hard to take these profiles seriously now, since it’s SO easy for celebrities (and their MANAGEMENT) to twist the facts and fake it. *shrugs* It’d be really nice though.

    Melissa, you’re too cool!

    ROFL, I know. Well, actually, I’m really NOT a tomboy, but I can’t do all those motherly things either. The stuff I cook/bake aren’t exactly … edible. And I’m asthetically-challenged – making things LOOK pretty is way way WAY beyond me.

    … Yep, I fail at life. XD (Actually, I fail more at being a WOMAN than at life. So sad. XD)

  5. hmm.. I wouldn’t be surprised though. A great deal of Koreans are at least born in the church. I know Jae went through a rough patch (HELLO 11 PIERCINGS!!! he had nipple piercings, and I know i’m a total perve, but i want to see them in… just once), but I think I’ve seen pictures of all the DongBangs getting baptized at one point or another. I definitely have a confirmed pic of Junsu getting baptized (somewhere). I think aside from Micky, none of them got saved until they met Junsu (who despite a lot of things, IS a good Christian boy. When he debuted and they asked him what kind of girl he wanted to marry, he said someone who is a Christian girl that his mother will like… that has since changed, but seeing how big of an influence his mom is in his life, I’m sure Junsu would need his mother’s approval. Can’t say I’d want his mom for a mother-in-law though… seeing how much of a mama’s boy Junsu is. I JEST!!!).

    And sleep is more exciting than anything (except for maybe MAYBE MAYBE DBSK). I had an 8am exam today and didn’t go to bed until 1:30am last night, and I had to be up by 6. it was HORRIBLE.

  6. Yeah, I’ve heard from my pastor that Korea is PRACTICALLY a Christian country (but don’t quote me, because I suck at being knowledgable). Leastwise, they send out the largest number of missionaries per year, which imo, is totally fantastic, considering it IS an asian country and could have succumbed EASILY to other religions.

    Nevertheless, Junsu’s the only one I can picture being (very obviously) PROUD of his Christianity. But it’s great that Jaejoong’s Christian (actually, that’s really exciting news for me. XD)!

    Changmin, I think, has remained Buddhist, amirite? I think he’s the only one in the group who isn’t at all Christian, but again, I’m not too sure.

    How was your exam, btw?! I bet you pwned, pwned, PWNED. ❤

  7. No, your pastor is quite right. I was actually accosted by a Korean woman on campus the other day. She asked me to join a Bible study and then asked if I was Korean… I’m not, but I look distinctly Korean. In fact, people mistake me for Korean all the time. Only close friends insist that I look adamantly Chinese (or Japanese), BUT strangers and Koreans alike agree that I look quite Korean. Anyways, I digress… but yes, I was actually quite happy to hear that South Korea is a “Christian” country, but of course, America is a “Christian” country too… so it varies. But definitely.

    I think DBSK are very very careful to tread around the issue of religion (unlike, oh say, Heechul or Shiwon), but instances like seeing Yunho or Junsu praying really really really touch me. Because it’s just… a big deal, I think. Like I said, my mom is really against idol-culture because she thinks that anyone that becomes a celebrity loses God… so it’s just nice to see them be real.. even if it is just sometimes. Although, I have to admit, a great deal of my mother’s reluctance comes from a tendency of “losing face.” I mean, depending on your background, if could be a very very humiliating thing to have a celebrity for a child. I mean, look at the clothes that some of the wear or what they have to do (I love Lina to death, and I KNOW she was uncomfortable in that outfit, but her dad’s a PASTOR — or deacon or something– and do you think he would’ve been proud of her doing a sexy dance onstage to Piranha at A-Nation?) for CFs or stuff like that…

    But yes, Changmin has “remained” Buddhist, but I know a lot of people that are “Buddhist” in name only. They’re just like those funky new-age people that “subscribe” to a religion simply because they’re not atheist or agnostic. Religions are not labels, but the world likes to make them out to be.

    For what it’s worth, I think Shiwon is a REALLY great example. Not only is he open about his Christianity, he is openly UNASHAMED of it… which is rare.

    There is this very very attractive Latino man in the Hollywood business who is a Christian and was doing skanky soap operas until he went back to his home church and was confronted with the fact that what he was doing was completely un-edifying to God… so he told his pastor he wanted to leave Hollywood and become a missionary(!). Instead of encouraging him down that path, his pastor told him to pray about him and told him that even though it might not seem like it: Hollywood needs evangelists a lot too and in a way, it’s just as dangerous, reclusive, and difficult-to-reach as some obscure tribe in a jungle… He prayed and thought about it and decided to evangelize in Hollywood and even came out with a movie about abortion (and the subsequent religious/political issues that come with it). It was a very inspirational tale.

    Whew. That was long.

    And thanks for the thought! I have no idea how I did on my exams. And I hate this feeling of apathy, but I really don’t care because there’s nothing I can do about it now… y’know? I can only wish that I did well and that’s just… well, unrealistic. haha. I’ll just see when my grades come out and then I’ll decide whether or not I did “well” on my finals. hehe.

  8. Awww ..Jae feeding everyone! kawaii!!
    I dont knw why but my first impression of him was that he’s christian ( i knw it sounds wierd and maybe wrong – i dont mean it in an offensive way!)…but everything he does gives off that impression…to me at least.
    He also looks lost have the time….like he doesnt know what he’s doing amongst certain ppl…like he’s constantly asking a question..
    In a philosophical kind of way he seems like the type who thinks deeply about everything…questions it and searches for an answer…
    (not trying to freak anyone out with this psych analysis =P =D)

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