Anycall Haptic CFs!

May 1, 2008



ZOMG, I love these. They’re ridiculously adorable, and I’m a shipper for all things cute, so … I’m all for these three couples.

*gets bitten by rabid fangirls*

*gets strangled by candytrain*

*gets shot by the lovely girls at Shenyuepop forums*


I’ve realized that I haven’t yet complimented Micky at anything (oooh, except his Love in the Ice perf, which you should check out here, because his high note is absolutely breathtaking and heart attack-inducing. It’s lovely. <3), but ummm, he’s got terrible hair in the CFs. TERRIBLE HAIR. GO CUT IT NOW, MICKY YOOCHUN PARK.  

Okay, so thoughts on these vids:

30-second CF:

The music’s great. I’ll admit, it’s probably SNSD singing, but if you’re a regular reader of my blog, I’m actually a fan of some of them. They’re voices aren’t the strongest, per se, and they shake something awful during live performances, but the majority of the girls have got magnetic personalities (errr, Soo young, anybody?! XD), which is really appealing when your vocal talents aren’t stellar.

00:05 to 00:07 is GREAT. LOL, Yoona looked really really REALLY pissed off when Micky poked her cheek. Which I can totally identify with, since I’d probably knock him out if he ever did that to me. (Zomg, who am I even kidding?!?!? I’d have heart palpitations + a stroke if MICKY YOOCHUN FROM DBSK EVER POKED MY CHEEK. It’d be like heaven on earth. XD) But yes, out of all the couples, I think I’ll be shipping the Yoochun (XD You don’t even have to change Micky’s or Yoona’s names to combine the two) couple the strongest, because it’s a … plausible relationship. And I think Yoona’s cute, and I’d extol her more, if not for her face being frigging omniscient and you know, EVERYWHERE. Zomg.

The elevator scene was great. Actually, funnily enough, because I’m an odd person and totally don’t deserve to be a DBSK fan (XD), it was the largeness of the elevator that first caught my eye. Nope, not even the Dong Bang Boys were attractive enough to detract from my fascination with this elevator. I mean, LOOK AT HOW BIG IT IS … !!! The elevators I’m used to … aren’t exactly roomy, per se. Actually, they have the abilitiy to make someone claustrophobic, EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT CLAUSTROPHOBIC TO START WITH. How insane is THAT.

*Ahem* But yes, big elevators are great.

LOL at Yunho grabbing Changmin by the waist and Jaejoong becoming what looks like a hunched-over hermit when the elevator suddenly stops. Oh man, beating on these boys is amusing. XD (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THEM. I just prefer making fun of them rather than, idk, drooling over them. It’s my way of showing affection – kinda like the boys in elementary school who show their love by making fun of girls. x______x XD)

But I digress.

I’ve said it once, I’m gonna say it again. Yoochun and Yoona make a fantastic couple. Cute stuff.

Changmin and Jessica, on the other hand, aren’t two I would’ve put together in the first place, but for some odd, inexplicable reason, they work … ? (Candytrain, don’t hate me. Please. <3) I mean, I probably won’t ship them, because Jessica seems more like a SISTER or MUM to Changmin, but it’s cute. I love how one of their first scenes together has them looking at PICTURES OF JESSICA. Yay for narcissm. ❤ XD

OMG *BRAIN/HEART EXPLOSION* YOOCHUN PUT YOONA’S HAND TO HIS HEART (err, well, the general area of his heart. Actually your heart is found between the two lobes of your lungs, which makes it more central left, rather than the LEFT SIDE OF YOUR BODY, but the message is clear. XDDDD) … !!! She looks so awkward, I love it. Micky Yoochun, stop scaring people. Especially your lover. Not the way to go, boy.

I love seeing Yunho cook barbecue. It is SO attractive, mainly because I fail at all things involving spatulas, pots, pans, FOOD, brooms, dishes, mops, toilets. Yes, it’s terrible. I LOVE eating, but I can’t even make a proper meal without unintentionally poisoning the eater (err … consumer?), so it’s unfortunate. OMG, he wasn’t barbecuing! *bashes head against desk to rid self of blindness and insanity* I’m seriously LOL-ing hardcore at myself right now, because he was actually PLAYING A GAME WITH TIFFANY! XDDDD *flails arms because she fails at life*

But I digress.

Tiffany needs to stop saying “Awww, wooowww, awwww” and making odd noises. But she’s too pretty, so I can’t exactly hate her.

Errrm … she’s looking at a picture of Jae on her phone, right? OMG, SHE LOOKS SO CUTE SMILING AND WAVING AT THE CAMERA. AND OMG I’m doing a terrible job of disliking her. I wish I had a cellphone I could wave at. Unfortunately though, my family’s stuck in the technological Stone Age, which is terrible for my social life.

I love how, when we return to the elevator, MICKY’S NO LONGER THERE. XDDD He’s hiding in the far left corner of the elevator, but LOL, I actually forgot he was part of the commercial because I couldn’t see him. XDDD

Errrm, I don’t like Changmin’s elevator outfit. It makes his torso look really short, bringing back memories of Henry’s terrible Mario pants. *shudders*

Okay, the escalator … is so unneeded. I mean, WHY ARE THEY EVEN DANCING ON AN ESCALATOR?! This commercial is ridiculously jumpy and broken up.

JUNSU, I KINDA SORTA REALLY LOVE YOU AND YOUR CAMEOS. Seriously, he pops in out of NOWHERE with an umbrella (?) and points at something we, as the viewers, can’t see. And he looks like such a duck, especially with that hair. XD

Hmmm, do I sense awkward tension between Jae and Yunho at the end?! Oh, that is SO MUCH LOVE. Yay for drama in 30-second commericals! But yes, Jae gives killer evil stares – if looks could kill, someone in that elevator would be dead. Immediately. Burned to a crisp, or something of that extent.

I LOVE HOW THE COMMERCIAL ENDS. THOSE ARE GREAT MODEL POSES, YO. And I kind of want to jump into the screen and pose with Changmin because seriously, he’d make a kick-butt model.

15-Second CF:

LOL, from the first scene, I was rofl-ing like crazy.

Junsu makes another random appearance, where he’s seen waiting for the elevator with the oddest expression on his face (it channels one of those greasy gangsters who thinks he’s all that as he stands there picking on some poor individual who’s peed his pants. AND, he looks a bit like the man promoting Lifestyle condoms on those bus ads THAT I’M SUBJECTED TO EVERYDAY. It’s horrifying). Actually, at first, I thought he was waiting for his turn in the washroom, because I saw a sign with the faceless boy/girl on it (you know, the ones on the doors of the washrooms), but I TOTALLY MISSED THE ARROWS POINTING UP AND DOWN. I’m such a failure, it’s almost ridiculous.

Jae has really broad shoulders. And he looks excellent in plaid. I kinda want to take him home with me, plunk him in my bed and keep him there forever. AWAY FROM ALL THOSE CRAZY FANGIRLS. XD

GAH. FIJEARHFEFH Tiffany’s smile’s way too cute for her own good. I look like a fool when I smile, so imagine how envious I must be.

The answer is VERY.

I’m going to refrain from commenting on the let’s-show-them-on-the-verge-of-making-out-but-not- completely-making-out-because-we-want-to-keep-this-PG-and-refrain-from-aggravating-fangirls-and-fanboys-any-more-than-necessary-which-could-result-in-narsty-legal-situations-such-as-lawsuits-due-to-heart-attacks-and-strokes-brought-on-by-this-CF, because candytrain must be on the verge of collapsing. *pats her on the head and chucks Jessica out the window, because canned ice cream (XD) is obviously cooler and MUCH more compatible*  

Oh wow, another 1000+ post.




  1. Omg.



  2. My intended short nap kinda went overtime…shows how tired I am 😦 Do you feel sorry for me? Coz my dad doesnt T_T He just said “well maybe you should go to sleep early” T_____T

    Anyways, you know what my favourite bit of your post was? ^____^

    *pats her on the head and chucks Jessica out the window, because canned ice cream (XD) is obviously cooler and MUCH more compatible*

    YAY!!! *hugs* and *bakes you some muffins* :DDD

    I think I’ve already commented enough on all the couples (no not really, but I think I rather not bcoz it’d all just be keyboard bashing – im that mature ^^) so I’ll just have my lil spazz on Junsu. You know it’s pretty obvious there will be more/longer CFs coming out since the ones so far have been everywhere and so the pieces of the puzzle have not yet been put together….:S er…*ahem*

    BUT JUNSU ILU <3333 He was so cute the way he was STRUTTING into the elevator like ARE YOU FOR REAL? WHO STRUTS INTO A LIFT?? Junsu, obviously 🙂 But watching the CF has made me love him even more for his cute random pointing and discovering something nasty faces 😀

    Oh and, I too wished it was me in the elevator Changmin was leaning over ;_____;

    But seriously, changdice FTW, yes?

  3. Changdice FTW … !!!

    Ooooh, I like muffins. Especially chocolate chip muffins. You can keep that in mind. XD

    Junsu is such a little snot. A lovable snot, though. But do you not agree that he had the greasiest expression on his face as he walked towards the elevator?!?! It was mind-boggling. And I shuddered a little. Hehe.

    Actually, I strut into elevators. I also strut up stairs. I STRUT EVERYWHERE, OKAY?!?!? XDDD I also shuffle a lot, because when I’m really tired, I refuse to lift up my feet, hence the excessive shuffling.

    … Yeah, I walk funny. It’s a problem. XD


    Oh yes, and I totally tried taking a nap yesterday, except I slept 7 hours. :S I don’t think that quite qualifies as a nap anymore. XDDD

  4. YAY!!! :DD

    But hmm…I think I’m about the only person in this world who doesn’t actually bake…or cook for that matter. The thing is, I used to help my mum make dinner but as I got busier with school I kinda stopped. And now I realise that I’m actually incapable of cooking anything. So I only rly have cyber muffins to give you :S I SUCK. No one’s going to want to marry someone who can’t cook 😦 Especially since Changmin eats like a … something who eats a lot? Lol. I can’t come up with any simile XD

    You know, apparently I strut everywhere too. Like as I get off the train, I have to kinda walk quickly and run up the stairs before it kinda clogs up with people, right? But my friends are always like “Why do you have to strut off like that?” XDD I think it’s coz I’m carrying my folder + txtbooks so I can’t exactly run so walking fast = me strutting!? Or maybe I really just do walk retardedly 😛

    That’s okay, we can be abnormal together 😀 LOL 7 hrs XD That’s more sleep than I get a night 😛

    I have a whole list of work I have to do today. I shall aim to get 90% of it done because all of it is close to impossible…and I don’t want to aim too high

    But I’m capped atm, so there really isn’t anything for me to do online anyway hahahahahaha


  5. haha. aww. that was amusing. I’m sure you’ll do fine on your finals (although 12 papers?! isn’t that a bit excessive?!)… I just finished mine. but it was 1000words max… and it still needs to be edited, but I’m never very efficient at editing if I have an extra day to do it.

    I LOVED JUNSU’S RANDOM CAMEOS TOO!!! THE ONES OF HIM DOING NONSENSE!!!!! My goodness, they’re love. I loved spazzes comments “Fangirls rejoicing because Junsu wasn’t paired up!!!” I am honestly not a fan of SNSD not because I’m a hater, but because I really hate their image and the fact that SM obviously favors them over their MUCH MORE AWESOME unnies: CSJH. I’m not even kidding. CSJH deserves all the stuff that SNSD (promos, shows, hosts, etc) gets and MORE because they actually are four girls and all four are brilliantly talented while SNSD are nine girls and out of those nine, only about… 3 are actually talented. The rest are just cute and look good in miniskirts. And I honestly don’t think Yoona is that pretty. She just has the stereotypical “good looks” that Koreans find pretty, but put together on her face, it looks awkward. NOT LIKE LINA who is just insane amounts of hotness that it makes me hurt.

    But yeah, amusing CFs, but the comments are really really the best. It’s a good thing Jae didn’t get paired up cause I would’ve stormed the SM building[in Japan] and kidnapped him (I am resourceful, okay?)… actually if I had the means necessary, I would kidnap all of DBSK and take them away to a private island for a year for them to finally get a vacation. Thoughtful? I like to think so. EYE CANDY FOR ME FOR A WHOLE YEAR?! That’s just a bonus…

  6. Nanshi

    Hehe, I had a ridiculous amount of fun writing this. Plus, I was procrastinating from studying chemistry, and ANYTHING’S fun compared to chemistry.

    OMG, CSJH honestly deserves WAY better. Actually, I find them to be superior in every way – especially where dancing and vocal are concerned, which isn’t good when you’re a newbie group trying to make it onto the entertainment scene. To be honest, the reason they’ve become so popular is all because of hype and hardcore fan-followings. And whereas CSJH’s been here since … 2005, this is ridiculously unjust, because a group that JUST debuted has garnered a larger fan following than they have. And since LSM knows how to capitalize on hype and popularity in order to garner a greater profit, CSJH has, unfortunately, been put on the back-burner (no less, in JAPAN).

    I agree! You should kidnap them, and then invite me along, so I can share in all that goodness. Yes? ❤

    The comments and exploding fandoms are the only great things about these CFs. Although they’re technically well-produced, the same formula’s been used OVER AND OVER again. It’s getting a little ridiculous if you ask me.

    And HOMG, Junsu’s been my favourite thing out of this whole business for SO LONG now. Gah, just the way he talks and walks in the CFs gets me laughing for hours on end.

    … Yep, I’m pathetic. It’s a problem. XD ^^

    <333 Take care of yourself, you here?! <33333

  7. CandyTrain

    Therein lies the power of TAKE-OUT and ORDERING IN. Man’s greatest invention, I tell ya.

    ROFL, Changmin eats a LOT. It’s almost ridiculous, since I feel like I’m fatter than he is, even though HE EATS MORE THAN I DO. Oh, the injustice!

    Strutting’s a lot of fun. So’s standing up straight so that you feel taller. It’s GREAT. I love feeling taller than others, because I feel special. XDDDD

    Capped again?! Oh dear! I don’t think my family has a limit right now, because my brother and I are online an INSANE amount. I’m planning on slowly weaning myself off the net starting this summer, since I’ll probably use it like mad during uni. Which isn’t a good thing. GAH.

    Pray that I pass all my exams, mmmkay?! Because honestly, I’m quite frightened that I won’t. XD


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